Your "fool-proof" defense's got big gaps

This fact out of my way: after four months, my phone got stolen, eventually. After Mafe's prediction during Jenn's debut, complete with that what-I-say-usually-comes-true warning, it did. And look at the signs - Jackie, Kris and I talking about thefts the morning before, the two guys who seemed to be poised to do just that on the jeepney ride home the night after - and then, this.

But it isn't really a big deal, so suddenly. Although obviously there's the wrath of my parents who'd ask me about how it really happened (and how stupid slash inattentive I am), the fact that I merely won the phone eases a lot of stress on my part. I think the others are mourning more for the loss than I am - Derek and Lau, among others - but, for my part, I'm only regretting missing out on a two-megapixel camera, a voice recorder, an FM radio and a calendar function, just when I needed it the most. So, count one more for the club - as Mirielle bluntly put it, it has become a "social issue" as she also lost her phone (admittedly out of stupidity) this morning, and Zay lost hers a week back.

So maybe that's why Charmaine and Trixia were surprised that I made a quick "recovery", as I was already asking people around for phone numbers on a thicker notebook. I had somewhat enough time, considering that I only had photography class for the day, and had only for myself a bag, the camera I'm to borrow, and my aesthetic senses. My right leg was strained from all the running I did from the scene of the crime to the campus - well, not all the way - and I pretty much wanted to get over doing things. I still have the explanation I owe my parents, mind you.

But somehow I can't help but remember the things Sir Villanueva, our morality teacher, was telling us during the past few days. My morality is different from yours; what can harm me may be your development, or something like it. So whoever stole my phone did it out of desperation, probably (which reminds me of the "hindi ko naman sinasadya" line Radioactive Sago Project playfully prounced upon on their remake of Kapalaran), but then again, it's my phone he stole. what if his got stolen for the exact reason?

Hindi ko naman sinasadya, eh.

Thankfully that never got in the way of my photography. Indeed, it was my first time handling film for technical purposes, having been weaned by digital cameras long gone, with one in the repair shop and one, well, presumably in some flea market sold at half-price. After the usual lessons in the equipment room - the location I somehow argued with Y2K about - we were out doing our snapshots at the amphitheater, while others were doing their video projects, and others still were just talking. As I would usually think, it is the perfect place for candid photos, only much more decided - and, no space for erasing.

If my film decided to hang up weirdly - I think some of my photos are overlapping, as after I finished the prescribed eleven shots, my film counter was saying I took eight - it would be such a waste of talent on my part. I mean, indeed it was my first time fiddling with focus settings while making sure my photos aren't wrongly exposed, and then I'd see two photos wrongly juxtaposed on one another. My long shot had Jason and Kiara. My medium shot had Clarence. My close-up had Lau. And it took a long time for them to stay still without knowing it - candid photos, duh! - while I composed my shot. And then they'd overlap? I can only wish it doesn't, or else me lying on dirty concrete while taking a worm's eye shot of Sarah wouldn't be worth it.

But anyway, I least I have my twelve shots (or fifteen, weirdly) and I'd only see whether it'd work any good, or else I get delayed by a week, and I won't get Derek to do some of my technical work, as he constantly advertised.

Oh well, Here's to another month of almost-zero communication, while I realize that Issa hasn't shown up for so long - and I can't text her for all obvious reasons - and Liz might as well take her place. Well, not really, but she might as well know more than anybody does. Well, since she opened bowling up last night I remembered I also suck at that sport, so technically we'd both be each other's "moronic bowling partner".

Bowling for weight loss, anyone? I'd rather keep my mouth shut.

And your responses...

i hate to say it but, easy come easy go?

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