Confusingly psychological

I just realized before statistics class that I actually have a soft spot for Psychology students. And even I don't know why. It's not because of some external event, or some life-changing situation, or my mere condition as a wretched soul which makes me say this. I don't know - it just occurred to me.

Yesterday, I received one of those randomly sent text messages inviting me to become a test subject for some Psychology students' experiment. And I didn't come, but only because I had a portfolio to tend to. (But I won't consider coming anyway. What if I knew someone there? Talk about the Hawthorne effect.) But I loved psychology class, or at least how it worked out with me despite the class having such a reputation. It opened my eyes to stuff - not to mention my brain, and how it works.

But now all those lessons remain forgotten. All I have are memories of sleep, of random invitations, and of a handful of friends who are taking up Psychology, one variation or another. And think about it - being the course with the most students, followed by my own course, they basically dominate. Never is my day complete without seeing one of them walking along SJ Walk, from rock bassists to distracting cuties to the occasional headturner, whatever that means.

Or, if I'm trying to infiltrate a certain culture, then I basically am not. I just realized this, and I don't know why. Honestly.

I have a frosh classmate in history class who's also a psychology student, and although Maybelline and I barely talk, when we see each other, we greet each other. Change that - she greets me, and I end up waving, surprised that she recognizes me from afar. (Whether I spelled her name right remains a question. Spelling Blanche's name was easier.) Then when we lose each other in our view I wonder why these things happen. Not that there's an attachment or anything.

Of course. The simplest answer lies with what really happens. And as if it wasn't any more confusing, only people taking up Psychology can answer that.

Utter rambling, eventually, leads to multiply personalities, to notices on the LAPIS board making me realize that I did know someone from the experiment I didn't show up to, and to the fact that tomorrow I'll start on the biggest thing I probably did, ever.

I'm still open for a case study. How people mistake one for another remains to be a question.

And your responses...

hmm.. im also a psych student. i dont think its proper to ask someone to be "A" test subject. if you wanna study someone/something, you shouldn't let them know specially if you're going to observe them.. but if you're going to ask someone for an interview perhaps, well then i guess they're just being "proper"! HAHAHAHAHA.

sorry bangag! :D

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