"And I have an itch to scratch"

Well, isn't that swell?

After submitted portfolios and weird photos with Karla and Charmaine, and a bit more lingering than expected, I finally took off and went to the Hit FM studios. Ella was in tow, although we'd only meet later in the day, and she was there first even - I actually called her up at the moment she was in the comfort room.

Auditions went quite smoothly. Surprisingly, it was Ella who was nervous, although of course I was the least confident. In between three other people - two girls from Assumption and one guy from UST, not to mention Ella's previous experience as a student DJ for the defunct Campus Radio - I was worried about my short tongue, my fast speech, and the fact that what we had, as Neil would eventually explain, were two AOBs (or announcements on board) because the actual audition script went missing until he found a copy himself. Robi needn't photocopy my scripts, after all.

And it was even Ella who wanted to delay the entire thing! True, I wanted some time to read through the script before I started recording (and make a fool of myself, I know), but when I wanted to start I somehow decided to wait for her. But it was smooth sailing afterwards, and when I was done it was quite a breather. Disregard the fact that my pimple actually popped, and Robi was the one who noticed it, in the middle of our amazement as foreign radio car stickers.

We were actually finished before three, so with nothing else to do, and (actually) disregarding Ella being sleepless for the past day or so, we whiled time at the Hit FM booth. There was the plush sofa that gets ditched for, say, when a band comes in to perform for Sunday Sessions, or the PC that resets itself all of a sudden, or the dark booth in general. Robi went on board, obliged the Assumption girls' request for John Legend, and mentioned in passing the fact that Rain's button popped before she got to work. As if it actually mattered, really - he joked that he wouldn't mind - but I was getting too comfortable in the sofa that's, well, too plush. But of course, it's mouth shut on the top of the hour. Keeps us hyped, all of us.

Out of impulse - well, not really, since I planned this and silently wished Ella would oblige - we passed by the Magic 89.9 studios. Main reason: Kelly was on board. Aside from the curiosity about whether she really does boardwork standing up, or whether she dances to everything for that matter, it was just a natural thing to do. Heck, they're sister stations - heck, they even live beside each other! The only difference is a meter between the doors.

Took the two of us quite a while to get in the booth, and I thought I'd be content sitting near the tinted window that separated the booth from the corridor to the desks. The good security guard (who, obviously, also met us before we went to Hit) finally allowed us in, due in part to Kelly agreeing with what we (or I, maybe) planned. And, of course, the studio is really cold, and there's this weird swirly soapy thing on the floor working. It did smell like detergent - like in Hit, like in Love, and probably like elsewhere.

Fifteen minutes later, Ella left. Of course, she had to sleep, but I decided to stay. As I told Kelly later, I was "hooked" for some reason. There was this little girl named Alecs (if I got the spelling right, referring to another overheard scrapbook-related conversation) who was assisting in getting CDs out of two crates, since it was Friday Madness and people are requesting for those retro songs like there wasn't another Friday. There was JP, that guy who won a Taylor Hicks CD and extolled his love for all things Ateneo, and was also kind enough to bring Kelly a half-dozen Cello's. (Kelly was also kind enough to give five of those to us in the booth - Alecs, me, that guy who also took AB-CAM in DLSU, and... somebody else.)

Eventually, I left at twenty past five. And I wanted to leave at half past four. Indeed, in between Carlo texting me about his plans to join Magic's Junior Jocks program (and half-convinces me in the process) and listening to our common love for Only When You Leave, and in between free tickets and a postcard given, Kelly and I realized we've quite a lot of things in common. We both don't like the beach, love sunsets (to some extent for me, at least), and love the top of the hour sequence in radio. Indeed, in the two times I saw her did it, she was in some sort of captain-of-the-ship mode, two hands in the console, one ready to cue a high-paced record. I could be her brother, she said. Or so it seems.

Before I left, it was Kelly who gave me a hug. Such an appreciative girl - and a sweet one, most of all. No wonder who hear the smile when you tune in, the sense that you're not going to be led astray, the cool voice she has (as Alecs' mom described it, again from another overheard conversation), and quite everything else. I took the autograph, went down the building, and decided that I'd also audition for Magic. She's expecting to see me next week. Another visit wouldn't hurt, right?

Well, I did get home safe. I'm typing in an entry from the mall since our modem is down, after adding her up on Multiply and contemplating a few other things. The swish in her note that she left on my radio production notebook reminds me that, somehow, the wind blows somewhere. I didn't care whether Friday the thirteenth meant bad luck for most. I'm somehow silently reminded that I have to go home now. The wind did blow on my face in the bus I was in. And, admittedly, I was quite smitten.

Well, again, isn't that swell?

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