Commitment clauses: the term in review

For the past week I've been following the Virginia Tech shootings. Disturbing, yes. It could happen here, especially considering that security guards merely pass through our big bags. Then again, however bad I feel for the apparent reasons Cho Seung-Hui took thirty-two lives (before deciding that he's actually alone and killed himself to be with the people he thinks are aginst him), and however bad I felt when his photos were shown on the television, it wouldn't happen here. Not most of the time, at least.

His me-against-the-world view is more radical than mine. Sure, I still think in patches that the world is against me - to some extent it was worse in high school, to the point that my first year adviser in SBCA thought I could pull off a Columbine and kill high schoolers - but then again I was, well, intercepted. (Just right now the person beside me got irritated by my keyboard pounding. Can't blame everyone if I watch the news while typing stuff.) But why this thought, now? Nothing really. I just got overwhelmed, or maybe because I actually miss watching foreign news programs and I've never had a way to catch up.

We ended this term - and this school year - with people against people because of missing filters, and then we all realize that despite my mother's warning that we're going to kill each other in college - my exaggeration - it isn't much of the case. Well, again you'll be treated to my usual crap of I-met-new-friends plus I-made-closer-connections-out-of-old-ones, essentially because this entry is as forced as it can be, because I've been sleeping in the afternoons again...

...staying the course comes to mind. At least I remembered that there is still a term-end review I'm meant to write, and then there's keeping yourself in composure when it comes to borriwing equipment in the future. There's staying with the program. There's giving up, running away, and then there's hating, there's stabbing in the back - at least, do something, right? When I was at the Magic 89.9 studios last Friday I was asked about my future thesis - still non-existent, actually. "What medium will you use?" the guy asked. I was taken aback. What about dedication? Paranoia, maybe?

Poring through the reaction to NBC Nightly News' decision to show Cho Seung-Hui's video, I realized there are a lot of people in the world who just don't get it. It applies to everyone, actually - I'm not on the gunman's side, but then again, they don't get him, nor he doesn't get them. Nobody's meant to understand, but commitment is there to get us through the night, for us to realize a little more of each other as the day passes by. As for us - well, we do it for the sake of getting a job, and when we get the job that's what we use as well. Apparently our batch has had the highest mortality rate so far - technically shiftees, but still - we've got this on our hands now. Or, enjoy and make the least out of it.

I still have four course cards to get, another audition to make, and an eyeball to arrange. For a moment, it seems, I have begun dating people who are half-committed to someone else. I just laugh because I rambled. But, then again, I still sound as intelligent as I can be.

Commitment? Exactly, exactly.

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