A perfect chance's probability

Like all the other days as of late, today's been quite uneventful. Sure, I'm still in class, worrying about probability distributions, photo essays and plot development. Everybody else, on the other hand, are more than willing to fall asleep instead and make fun of poor people like me. Well, we're merely a minority, after all, but maybe me reading only the littlest bit of my statistics notes got me started when I woke up at a quarter before six today. I'll be honest, I was worrying more about my calculator last night.

Luckily, though, Jepoy didn't forget to bring my calculator - it's been with him for a week because I forgot to get it back during our last quiz, instead busy thinking about how many more photos I have to develop. From the dark room, and before that in the car, I was dead worried about whether he actually forgot to bring it again. Karla was actually close to volunteering her calculator for temporary services come 08.00 tomorrow, but a phone call mentioned otherwise. Thankfully, I must say. I thought I'd never understand my mathematics in such a crucial time.

Edsel, though, faced a different problem - actually understanding the notes, I think. I didn't have a copy of any of the handouts Miss Franco gave - all but one, because by then I realized my lapse in judgment - and he was going around looking for the handouts that everybody else left behind, because they've all decided to focus on their photographs. I think I almost sensed desparation... but not really. I'm just exaggerating, that's all.

In fact, the dark room had this weird atmosphere today. In the car, and in the jeepney from one end of Vito Cruz to the other, I was bracing for the worst - zero enlargers. I arrived and realized not everybody came - true, someone already had an iPod plugged somewhere, and most of us were singing along to Justin Timberlake and Hilary Duff (despite some objection, and the expected critical analysis of Beat of My Heart), but I still got around to working with my favorite enlarger after Malia left, and before that, on another of the purportedly good ones and actually make life harder for my overdeveloped negatives. In fact, today seemed quite weird because people weren't busy complaining about a redefined "summer". Maybe all I got was Edsel's search, Steph placing my mobile "in my butt", and Nadia doing some stretching (seriously) while her photo's in the developer tray.

And right now, as I type this thing and actually prepare to go home, there are less people in the dark room. The last blow probably was Jason and Burton managing to successfully argue with Misha about going to the mall, and consequently, Misha convincing Mae to go with her. Up to this point, people do need a vacation, but we've been at it for two years now and we're already used to a lack of sleep and a bigger lack of ideas. Some may maintain "higher standards" as Kim and Ale put it, but we can be desperate after all. Look, I think I'm running out of photo paper, and I still have three photos to work with.

So, inevitably, we get bored while the rest of us get to become interns, bums or student jocks. True, I'm still stuck in school with a foot that's more numb by the minute, three more photos to develop, and a tendency to procrastinate (like Kizia, apparently) stuff that are actually more important, like statistics. Most of us have gone home worrying about that, while I'm waiting for my shadow to dry before I can doze off the bus and worry about eating fatty street food. And yes, I decided to call Hit FM up and inquire for being a student DJ myself - at least something to keep me occupied while the summer weeks start to die itself away and the rain makes way for a grand entrance. So far, I'm merely trying to conclude an entry that's doomed from the start. And I'm sort of willing to text Lizette and drop a couple of concepts, or maybe a couple more. Maybe I should start packing up anf prepare for the worst part of any term - and eventually worry less. For now, I have long paragraphs to kill.

And your responses...

Haha! Yeah, I was desperate, you arent exaggerating. XD Apparently all that wasnt enough that i have to take stat all over again. Wahehe! XD

Anonymous Anonymous4/24/2007     

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