Sentimental at number twenty-one

"Gah," I typed in. "I just realized I'll miss the LA Core without you. Back to work then!"

It was a merely random thought, probably powered by shifting ground that meant nothing but a little aftershock. I just let it pass - besides, today wasn't that eventful. Something's gotta happen.

"I'll miss everything about the LA Core too," Nadia typed in. "Hope it will be as productive and efficient! Or better."

I just got my application form from Mara today. I had to get out of the room, not realizing she was actually waiting outside when I texted her about it. I took a long time for me to get used to seeing her in black, though. That's how isolated I've been recently - living in the dark room is like living in the dark.

The two of us - Nadia and I - were just typing in random thoughts about the year. I told Meg earlier that joining the Student Council was a gamble on my part, thinking it's hard to infiltrate a group that's basically rock solid. Right now it doesn't exactly stand at a shambles, but it certainly is giving way for a new foundation. She's having second thought about joining, and I was still convincing her to do so, if only to have myself someone familiar to remotely work with. On with the random thoughts, I was at a loss. I was cramming, actually.

"Are you re-applying?" she asked.

"I am re-applying," I answered. "Weirdly wala na namang LA Core. Everything's been dumped to a 'national issues' committee under the [batch assembly]."

"I didn't know. But I guess yun na rin yun."

Hypocrisy aside, it was one that helped me, well, open up my horizons. What I never got to do with TeamComm, I got to do here. Nothing against that organization - I gotta give kudos to them for assisting us in our first terms as unlucky AB-CAM majors - but in the way things work it's a matter of choice, and I just did that.

"Well, so much can still be done in the years to come," she wrote. "And I plan to do so."

It was nice, actually, to see the people who lost get back up and work on what they've promised to do. It still feels weird, though, to see that now they're the ones taking orders - you get the idea. But at least they're still up there, on a spot I'll never dare to go to because I'm essentially not equipped to do so.

"You guys will do great," she promised.

"Salamat, salamat..." I replied. "Pending acceptance."

And only because there are quite a lot, apparently. Reena told me so many are interested in that committee I intend to join. I'm willing to move, but for someone still partly afraid of change, it's not an option.

"Well, wala na ata ako sa decision-making nun," she joked.

"I'm merely half-expecting on Carlo," I replied. Well, you get the idea.

In the middle of being stuck for words, I ended up writing this. It's nice to see, again, people rising from the ashes - synthetic or not - and get back to work. Two weeks after I'm already complaining about other things, and I guess everybody else has. It's been nothing afterwards - not a calm, I'm sure - but definitely I feel the change coming. I'm waving at a couple more people. One of them is getting a heartbeat.

"Oh well," I finally typed. "It's been a year. And it's time to... cry."

Fifteen minutes passed. "Why cry?" she replied.

But of course, I never meant it. It's merely poking fun at what people usually do when they split up and move on. But that's sentimentalism at conversation number twenty-one.

And your responses...

"Right now it doesn't exactly stand at a shambles, but it certainly is giving way for a new foundation."

Gosh. I'll miss serving the SC. Did you know? I applied. For fun. But Mara says she's taking my application form seriously. Haha. If I do get in, which I highly doubt will happen, I'm going to decline. You know how it goes.

I'll miss meetings Henrikuh. :D But it was a fun SC year nontheless. :)

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