Well, Jackie, I was around during the first two days of school. In fact, I cried today after viewing Central Station, probably the first time I did so over a film in quite a while. And maybe I'd do more crying seven weeks later, when both video production and feature film classes take its toll. Or maybe I'd be dead by then.

But before I die I would get my needless scrub with celebrity. Since almost half of the class are still to take up video production, and almost everyone still haven't written feature-length screen plays, I was asked to call up screenwriter Raymond Red to actually ask for copies of the scripts for one of his films. I just can't call him today, though, for it is his birthday. I can't disturb the nightlife. People have to enjoy, although obviously we aren't.

The website for conceptualization class isn't working yet, though. Although our class did have enough of Sir-Groyon-as-a-student stories from Miss Trini - we did watch Huni, after all, and I guess you also did earlier - and we were laughing to bits. But I'm sure you know we aren't really supposed to do anything right now. There was a fascination for how things changed at M208, and me operating the projector half-heartedly, and only because I also couldn't figure it out on the first try, because there aren't any indicator lights to say that it is turned on.

As for you, Jan, I am sort of getting used to seeing alien faces on campus. Maybe you can count out Alyssa's face there, although it took me two seconds to realize we almost met inside EGI. I ate at Z2 for the second day straight because all establishments inside where I came from was full, which was obviously a sign of naïvete on the part of the new people. Z2 was also almost full, but I found my seat and was done eating in around ten minutes, like I usually do.

But it helps to know that you know people. I know five from cultural studies class, in an otherwise senior-populated classroom. I doubt Sara would attempt to shift, however, because I highly doubt there are free slots for other literature electives this term. Watching more films seems to be a plus, I guess, especially when you consider we'll be behind countless cameras in the next thirteen weeks. I might need a new pair of glasses, even.

Today was when it kicked off, actually. I had three classes today, two of which were major classes, which means I know some people. The alien faces won't appear until later in the day, when I went home. Maybe you could ask Karla, and why she mistook someone else for Jem. But today I was feeling a sense of regret, for some reason. I think you'd understand, right? Besides, you were wearing pink yesterday, and you had your hair cut again. That makes you look a little bit more alien to me, I think.

Katia, I know the splash photo's been there for too long, but already I arranged to grab some photos from Jason. I'm gonna pull off a globetrotter on you before you figure it out.

And to that anonymous guy. Yes, you. I actually have a feeling I do know you, or maybe your replies just remind me of Osaka-bound Stef. I did meet people through introductions, and I guess it wouldn't hurt, so I don't really know why you're hiding your identity. Maybe I do really know you. Maybe, for after I finished an entry with Lizette I felt a little bit too different. Maybe that's why I didn't see Alyssa so quickly, or why I felt indifferent when we realized we'd be doing a ninety-minute film without previous knowledge of how to do it, or why my walks to the classrooms felt a bit downtrodden, or why my left knee hurts. I was willing to tell you everything, but you weren't willing to tell me who you are, so I guess that's all I've got to say.

This actually reminds me of television advertisements and junk food.

And your responses...

uhmm u really don't know me i was just blog hopping...i just love to read other posts because my fellow bloggers have given up the life of blog so i started to click on my friend's links...I do know Jackie but not personally...we just came from the same skul so i got ur link there...sori for the trouble i just want to comment on how u express ur point,u remind me of a friend of mine^^

Anonymous Anonymous5/25/2007     

(on photos) I haven't had anything really nice lately, you know.

Blogger Katia5/29/2007     

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