Blame it on television

All colors come from white. Oh, and you also need a prism, just to prove that white light brings a spectrum of colors, or a rainbow for the uninitiated (which I doubt are many). To make things more complicated, amino acids apparently make light, and even I don't understand how exactly this conclusion was arrived at. Thank me constantly watching Jeopardy! for that.

And they all say that at the end of each rainbow is a pot of gold. But quite imaginably - still thanking cable television - there'd be some gremlin lurking around. I also don't know where they got the idea of someone small, bearded, and constantly wearing green to be going, with similar constancy, for that pot of gold. All I know is, it isn't supposed to be fun.

You can get that thing away, though. In cartoons this means a chase sequence - throw in ridiculously funny outcomes and even wackier ideas to plunge one party into personal hell, and you have a seven-minute short! Ask me, the eternally complicated person, and I'd rather suggest that you find a shard of glass - that's easy, especially if you're one of the guys behind Doodlez, because you can just draw one in - and put that against the rainbow. In an instant, the rainbow disappears, turns back to white light, and the gold, well, disappears.

Come to think of it. If I had a source of white light and passed a prism through it, the spectrum of colors will appear. (And you'll also hear, ostensibly according to my marks, that GMA Kapuso jingle.) Pass another prism through that spectrum - which still manages to shine through a straight path, unless you decide to have it bounce through some surface - and you get white light again. Scientists obviously don't have a way to verify the relation of light to a gremlin's existence, or the gremlin's existence itself. Maybe we all need a disclaimer at the end of each rainbow. Gremlins may be around. Proceed with caution. Oh, sometimes you can think divine intervention isn't enough.

Sometimes you actually realize why things could be very, very unfair. I know everyone has had this moment of glee - that one moment when you are very happy without even noticing it, and yet after that happens you look back to it too frequently, and wish it happens again, so that you can actually be aware of that feeling. And most often, it never comes back. And when you do realize, after waiting for so long, that it will never come back, you move on, and yet it glances from within and you lose yourself all over again.

That moment remains misunderstood. You know, scientists probably never bothered to figure this out because they, too, have felt this and nothing good came out of it. I guess with all that we're trying to be up to, to be with, and to follow up, we never realize when white light splits to form the spectrum - when the rain ends and you see that seven faint colors have made their way to an otherwise glum sky. You know why those cartoons have that moment? Why in that particular scene in Hamtaro, Hiroko and her mom look up and go oooh the moment the rain stops and the rainbow forms?

You know what they all say, I guess. You have to let up with the rain to get to the rainbow. After the rain make a mess out of your hair, your reputation and your attempts to buy someone a train ticket, you are given one crack, and only one crack, at happiness.

As usual, I have missed that one opportunity. Seeing that opportunity go to someone else - now that, that's when white goes to black.

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