The off-shoulder treatment

Let's talk about other people, shall we?

Issa Marcelang. Almost, not exactly, maybe, technically, but not really officially. Five months after the last serious conversation we had anywhere, there she was, giving out devilish laughs by the dozen because she's plugged on broadband, with a "tragedy" that basically must be hopeful for most people. Yesterday (and partly today) I finally figured out what it is, but what surprises me is that she still is the random Issa I've seriously grown to love, as if I still have growing up to do. She's proud her memory is apparently growing, as well. And, probably the most important thing is, we've been finding ourselves a little bit more sentimental lately about what we've been doing - getting lost in each other's sentences, waiting for pixelated photos to clear up, the works.

Monica Alcoseba. I haven't seen her for the longest time. Well, actually we met once, when she was walking to some classroom in the third floor, if I presumed correctly. I do know Mara Navarro has a class there, at M317 if I remember correctly, at the same time my classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are. But maybe the former was right - I've seen a lot of psychology students on the fourth floor, as I wait on the third, munching on crumbly chocolate chip cookies. I have seen Zayin Abjelina and Lulu Principe somewhere else, though. They're suddenly the most visible I've had this term. And, yes, I was lying when I said I haven't seen Sarah Santos yet - I did once when I said that, and I did on another. She's still wearing darker shirts. I sort of miss the pink I used to associate with her.

Jason Lopez. Out of a lack of choice, honestly. Today when I took a photo of him - I think it was the one with Piyar Recuenco at Z2 - he finally confesses that his tummy has grown larger. Must it be New York steaks? But he still pulls off the occasional derogatory comments he's been tolerated far too many times, and as usual, it's John Pangan who gets it. He still reads like the way he does, still causing laughter even if he was supposedly a fictional Danilo Rosales while reading the screenplay for Tanging Yaman. I'll probably never get it.

Kristina Balingit. She does pose a lot. I don't know what exactly hit her while we were waiting for M208 to open - she just, well, posed for photos. Leslie Sy and I both brought cameras, presumably for the same class, and suddenly she moves about and her eyes make me go eeek for approximately five seconds. Korinne Lirio did show up in most of my photos, but the best I probably have today must have been the one I took of Naomi Quimpo, probably because the lighting worked. Three hours later it would be so dark, even I had to adjust the aperture settings of a digital camera. Funnily I learned about that before I was taught about it.

Aleigna Tejada. Yes, I'm classmates with her for only one class this term. And today her classes ended at nine in the evening, along with a few others, Carlo Cruz included. We were at Z2 today, before I went home, and he was contemplating (with the help of Iza de Leon, and somehow it happened) about eating snacks and going to watch movies. I called Carlo "sir" only once today, unlike the many times I called Katrina Villanueva "ma'am" last school year, or similarly, Reena Collado since she won. I argued with her once. "It's a term of endearment," I said in our philosophy class, where we found ourselves classmates again, with the same people. "That means I'm endeared to you." It just plain fits.

Osang Barcelon. She's also a psychology student, so I see her in the fourth floor. We still always greet each other, but I really thought it'd be her. Maybe next time.

Jaja Regis. Finally. I saw her today at the bus home. Apparently she lives in ParaƱaque, presumably at least, and probably that's why Kris is a good friend of hers. And she loves to point out that most of her friends are political science people, Jaja included. In the many times I changed seats to keep track of my sister, she finally dotted my shoulder and did the routinary "where do you live?" questions. Oh, and she was wearing an off-shoulder top today, thus the entry's title. It's like you brushed it off, right? I think I've done it well today, and hope I don't fail tomorrow.

And your responses...

How weird. I was Googling for another person's name and click on your blog and found Issa's instead. Umm. So yeah, lol, I know herrrrr! How fun. =/

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