Small talk

It's thirty-six past two, and my head's still functioning.

Chex has showed up again. Somehow I'm privately calling her Chexie. Well, that isn't private anymore. After doing everything, we end up doing nothing, and back with each other's words in the computer screen. Small talk, as she puts it.

Not that I didn't enjoy my vacation, although as usual I didn't take a plunge at the swimming pool. I might have forgotten all that I have learned in PE class. All that money for nothing? But I appreciate the food, and the cold room. Golly, I miss that comforter.

And I'm actually hesitant to double-click on Lizette's name. She's a million online friends rolled into one. I might lose whatever I'm thinking of for The Mind Commute, but it's a Sunday after all. Sundays are when the sun is hottest. Surely that celestial body loves the accolades.

Don't have to be in terms of partying and such.

The taskbar blinks.

Mmm. You're a homeboy. Me too.

Surprise, surprise. Scratch that stereotype that just comes to head. Maybe all of her stories about what she did the day before has planted that firmly. Whenever I get to talk to her, though, during these past days, she's finishing some homework. Math majors must be that hardworking. Or maybe it's because she's in Manila for some reason. I can't tell. I can't possibly teleport.

What if I was a math major like Chex?

I only go out if my friends invite me to... but most of all I just love spending hours over a good book or you know, music.

It seems I am in good company as I type.

I remember what Lizette told me when we met up - it was a clandestine operation, you know - somewhere in Ortigas. I think she also runs along the geek line, although I don't remember how she exactly calls it. I couldn't possibly think of the stuff she's writing on her blog. I can't say I'm shallow. Maybe my geek level differs. My taskbar hasn't blinked, though. Where has she gone?

There, it blinks. It seems my mind-reading skills still work.

Apparently she also is. She's mentioned what people think about her.

I didn't have to put two fingers in my head. I didn't have to do it in the two times Osang and I wore the same colors. And that was outside the campaign period. I was spooked out when that happened again. Reminds me of Sarah. Reminds me of how I placed two fingers in my head, and how we matched outfits for, maybe six more times? Reminds me of everything, I guess.

Hey, why don't I tell Chex that? I haven't got much to say anyway. It seems what initially was "small talk" has grown into something more substantial. Finally, something to keep us busy. Well, maybe there's me waiting for my taskbar to blink.

Two fingers in my head. Taskbar blinks.

And your responses...

i'm a geek, definitely. ^_^

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