We'll see in two Wednesdays

As my "older sister" Ella insisted continuously lately, I'm way up there.

Fact is, however, I'm terribly unsure as to whether I could even get consent from both of my parents to go to this party. I didn't expect the invitation, nor did I expect that I'd get two "exclusive access cards" for the xFM launch party. It happens Monday night at the NBC Tent, and Drip - probably my only favorite electronica group - is going to perform. Suddenly I remember that this is what I was exactly ranting about a few entries before. It seems it's really bound to happen.

Jessica dropped me a line a few days after I wrote that entry. She being the party-goer, she was quick to refute everything I said, even to the extent of describing me - gently, of course, since we both actually understand - as the one living in a vacuum. My simple response: that entry was meant to be debunked. I guess I was already built to survive these things, for even I know that I'm writing about things that are uselessly irrelevant to me, or to other people, more so.

When I told Ella about the invite - which I got after writing this entry on Shale - she was probably more excited than I am. For a moment I thought I might not give her the other invite (which loosely translates to a backstage pass) because she's busy at the call center by then, but as the days passed she managed to flip my surprised sense of apathy into a hopelessly hopeful sense of wishfulness. My easiest defense: sayang ang invites, so I should go. My dad seems to half-agree and my mom doesn't seem to mind, but already I'm not sure whether they'd really agree. (Besides, to be very blunt about it, I need transportation. Going to Makati is one thing. Going to Taguig is another.)

But my mind's set on something different. As if it's not an obvious fact, it's already Wednesday - a week later and we're back to school. It's eminent that there won't be any band extolling the virtues of going to the first day of school for a deodorant brand. Obviously there must be something else to make the school year's first U-Break a little more exciting for the freshmen. On the other hand, I only have one class to worry about then, but I still do not have a video camera ,and I highly doubt whether my parents even want me to pass video production class, which makes me think they just want me badly to fail. Before that, my life's slowly descending into what a contestant on Unanimous probably went through - hysteria and a lack of any sense of time. I'm falling asleep at the worst times, again!

By this time, though, I'm used to these spells of eternal somethings in summer vacation. If you're me, and probably getting a high with working - and getting a low with the corresponding stress - then maybe you're already going crazy. My thoughts have dallied between multiply bouts of sickness, sentimentality and an obvious adherence to my geek reputation. But we can never have enough. In fact I'm starting to sound like last year, and probably with every other term break. I probably need another bout of observation. I have descended to laziness!

So maybe I'm starting to lose a sense of adventure in my head. Little do I know, I might struggle with school come next week - what more with all the struggles and the clues Karla can't seem to understand? Just earlier I pondered about Charmaine, Trix and Tina being merely classmates before I got, err, a little more entangled thanks to majors. Then my thoughts jumped to me now walking Chexie (yes, she knows the nickname now, and she likes it, somehow) to Embassy last night. Despite my incoherence, I still wonder why females stick to me, but not really. Then I had to hit my head against the wall, while still realizing that if ever I make it on Monday, I have to think about getting the "exclusive access cards".

Yes, I'm starting to talk utter personal nonsense, and thus my readership will drop by the minute. Nobody cares. Right. Thanks for the silent reminder, Lizette.

Oh, and also, invariably delayed Issa.

And your responses...

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