Affirmations for Kimmy's costumeless Superboy

The first rehearsal of the day went to Butch, having Meh wait for twenty-five seconds until we all realized she was maxing out by, well, twenty-five seconds.

You're given a terrible ten extra pounds that only your production staff can see, but it does make a difference. Or maybe some of us are still fumbling with the (basic) video switcher that apparently cost the school two million bucks. It is fun playing with the lever that controls how fast the transition between two shots are (unless you press "auto", in which case you surrender everything to fate) but you might soon snap it, even though it slides so well. There are a lot of lighted buttons on the entire thing, but you might end up loosening one of them.

So, luckier are the people who fumble with the commands. Last Friday we were already given a list of what to say - it's "ID in" then "ID out" before you declare that you're "ready to fade in music" and "ready to fade in three" before you ask your floor director to give a "countdown". Someone was bound to miss a line or two, and before we knew it everything goes to disarray. It barely feels terrible, but already a shortage of staff during our group rehearsals at the television studio meant we (or, more accurately, they) pulled in other people, or some had to play dual roles. Jill had classes, and eventually the others would leave, so at one point I was playing with the light settings, arranging the cameras and was floor director for Ariane's dress rehearsal.

And probably the only time the LIA-COM people and the regular people become best friends. No real animosity, really, except probably for fears of another equipment takeover, but it could be just me realizing that this scenario never took place during research classes two terms ago. I basically have the same classmates, except probably for a few others who decided to take Wednesdays (and miss bands try to stretch their sets beyond U-Break despite the faculty's objections). When Butch had Meh wait twenty-five seconds before she speaks again, and consequently realize that she's twenty-five seconds over the limit, a certain someone - okay, me - threw in the suggestion of voiceovers, and the problem was solved. Cooperation was one thing I never saw for a fairly long time, and it happened on dress rehearsals...

...then again, it takes a different batch of people to get things hotter than Ecuador, or Iraq.

I suddenly hate waking up at five in the morning. That's because today I had rehearsals marked with cooperation, and maybe the storyboards littering around the second floor. Eventually Naomi and I rushed handouts that just disappeared, and then she had hers and I had none, and then I still managed to do good essays. I was supposed to pass out already - imagine having to work with a script that is complicated, I think even the writer was, to some extent. (Then again, Misha called me last night, and that script was hers.) It's still fun sliding that slider on the switcher - but only when you're on the console.

Ang Bandang Shirley, Up Dharma Down and the Itchyworms were in campus to, well, play for the freshmen. Ironically enough they had more upperclassmen still raising their hands to say that they're freshmen. As I type this the photos are still uploading on a crappier-than-hell connection, but there was more to hearing two full sets and one interrupted one, interspersed with unnecessary (but perfunctorily sponsored) fashion shows. There was, say, Malia buying a marker just to have her iPod signed by Armi Millare. (I actually forgot where her blog is. I gotta ask Issa again, I guess.) And then there were the female students who went out for the models, and the models alone - you'd probably be surprised to hear that a DLSU Modelling League even exists, but not everybody is model material.

As usual I was my stupid self, taking photos, but not running around for too many autographs. I found myself waiting for half of Up Dharma Down (and even appear in, among all places, Jayvee's photo with Armi) and eventually sort of bonded with the vocalist with the all-too-mesmerizing voice. Nothing happened - I only have half the band. And I vowed to get the entire thing. Right there I realized I'm becoming very, very mainstream, but didn't mind. Why that even hit my head, I don't know. It even reached a point that I suggested a song title to the Itchyworms - something that goes Gintong Panalo since someone named Goldwin was having his EAF signed.

So the freshmen still came out. They were all around asking for what probably is their first autographs in college. When Armi ended the set there were five (or six) girls who were shrieking when they found out Armi would prioritize them in the impromptu photo sessions (which I waited all throughout, without realizing Jayvee's been there and all). And for a moment we were freshmen again, waiting to get gift certificates, looking for campus crushes, and just sit on the grass, probably the coolest spot in a hot afternoon.

I don't know them. It's just an interesting photo. Only catch is, one of them posed for my camera before she posed for her friend's with Armi. Such... never mind. I was also a frosh. An all-too-eager one.

I stopped the uploading process. The clock stopped with thirty-two minutes remaining, and then it stayed there for ten minutes or so. Maybe having photos of a flurry of activity entails a faster Internet connection. Definitely I'll get that tomorrow, while I wait for films to watch, films to watch, and, well, films to watch. I'm bound to go sleepy because my eyes would be working achingly long hours. And it's way past bedtime, I know. Chex is asleep. Issa left me earlier today. And I have been sleeping shorter hours lately. I don't want to just doze off, for I still have a video camera to worry about. But I won't think I'm bound to fail.

And only because I already messed up with this entry, and ended up rambling. Failure was imminent, after all.

And your responses...

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