Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Naomi and Kris after lunch, before splitting up, before one went home and the other waited with me, before one took a video of jackfruits and the other looked along - well, that makes it obvious.

Another splash photo, another presumption.

But I don't find a need to reiterate what I didn't have to reiterate, at least to Jason. Although, yes, I'm sure Nadia would be a little bit surprised, maybe freaked out, to see her face somewhat turned into a shrine - and yes, I just realized that now, so I'm apologizing in advance.

But why should I apologize? I like the photo. I like the photo very much. You know those things that just all fall into place without you expecting? I didn't expect anybody to walk by, although it was supposedly expected since we were all waiting for class at this time, and yes, there were a flurry of people leaving M208 after watching modern actualité shorts. It's like this photo, which Isah also liked as much as I did - Kor's fingers holding the yearbook application form, with a stylized take on "liberal arts" written on it. She'd later say I apparently have "the eye", especially after I took this photo, and yet I decided to play on it. I told her I had two of them. The left, and of course, the right.

We're all forced to have an eye for things, actually. We're technically taught to live with aesthetics in almost all of our classes - and that involved layouts, composition, narrative flow, whatever else you think of. The main reason why I had the camera is because we need it for our first video production project - shot size stills. And yet I can't do it as I want it to happen, because the mere fact that I'm holding a camera is distracting me, hence the photos I'm using now.

It's funny thinking why things aren't seeming to be so hard, eight days into the school year. And I know I'm supposed to be crawling in shards of glass now, or am I comparing it to the last term? Some are telling me about Sir Groyon's handling of their video production classes, but I'm not blaming anybody. I'd rather think the worst is yet to come, even if Miss Trini currently passes off as a good laugher with a lot of stories to tell, preferably the ones about a "burning" car somewhere in Manila. Yet I'm not yet picking up a video camera - I think only Naomi has one in our section as we speak - because of the stills project. The other sections are using their mobile phones, even, and yesterday while waiting for M208 to finish classes, I was a subject for both Butch's and Misha's submissions, both very political in nature.

As for television production class - no elaboration needed. Sure, Misha, Fran and Derek were made to read deep Filipino scripts thought up by whoever sits in the teleprompter screen, but the fact that we have a teleprompter makes a world of difference. The last batch still used Manila paper. We're playing with a new video switcher for the technical director in us to use. It has a lot of lights, obviously, and there are buttons that change meanings as you go. We can't figure out how to make the chromakey effect work, though. It's a lot of buttons to press.

And that's eight days in school for you. The trip still is long, and we worry about rainclouds ruining our videos. We don't feel the stringent measures yet, but soon we will. Definitely. Already I'm having lunch with a different crowd - Naomi and Kris are constants - and soon we'll be good as dead on the campus floor, with chalk marking what we last did. We're probably holding a video camera in one hand, with the screen terribly shattered.

And then they would ask. Qu'est-ce que c'est?

And your responses...

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