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What's a four-letter word that also means fatty flesh?

By that time everybody was stumped. Mara was lost. Steph was lost. Even I was lost. And I think nobody answered a crossword puzzle from the newspaper before. Nevertheless, the unusual Tuesday boredom had the first pick up the newspaper lying around, the last volunteer a ballpen, and the middle peer into the squares and think of the answers.

And suddenly I was doubting whether Mara was a newbie to answering the crossword. Or maybe it's just surprisingly easy - it's a small one, after all - to the point that she was throwing answer after answer. I was looking the other way around, so I cannot really read the obscure one-word clues. The next thing we knew, half of the puzzle was filled, Edong had contributed one word, and nobody was believing my answer.

And then, the fatty flesh answer. The seven-letter word for queer (which was "strange") was filled in, and the four-letter word for remain (one of Mara's easy ones happened to be "stay") was also in. So what were the endings of both answers doing as the ends for something which was, coincidentally, being played on by the same people a few days ago? A similar four-letter word for marijuana was also proving to be a problem, because even if nobody of us could possibly be taking them in, we couldn't figure out from the limited knowledge that we had. "Strange" was filled in, and we were left with the first letter, an S. A five-letter word for furniture provided the second letter (it was the ends to "table"). Se-what?

Eventually we still managed to fill in almost the entire puzzle. In a witty fit Mara decided to answer "eery". Steph can't figure out the three-letter word for prevaricate (because nobody has heard that word before). And, already, Mara's handwriting has been churning out check marks, answers, annotations, and emoticons. A sad face beside a misattributed clue for a Latin term. Another sad face beside a clue for a time period. And, outside the border, finally, a stylized expletive.

And then we all gave up.

Little did the girls know that the answer key was on the same page. Even surprisingly, it was the answer key for the puzzle we were answering. Flip it upside down, and there you have it. "Eely" was fatty flesh; it earned a pink highlight. "Sess" was marijuana; Mara even circled that word on the answer key, and wrote it on the side of the clue. And "lie" was, well, prevaricate. It was Steph's buzzword for the afternoon, and we were using it wrongly, and we were still having fun. It somehow wore off on our Tuesdate.

Mara left early, because her class was at the main building, and she still claims to walk twenty minutes. Steph and I went up to M208 to submit our encounter videos. I took the newspaper as a relic, and it's smellier as you read.

I actually knew about the answer key. That's what I get for not participating early.

And the only thought bubble here is, it's sometimes fun to cheat.

And your responses...

hehe, u should have cheated and pretended u knew all the answers...so what was the 4 letter word for fatty flesh?

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