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You'd be surprised at how quick things can change, even if they're just under your nose. For one thing, Kelly finally noticed the blinker and picked up the phone. Ale already has a DSL connection, and we're chatting without a terribly noticeable lag. Lau doesn't look sick, although she's been sick for a week now. And me, well, I have become irritated far too many times already.

And yet, after the cliché comes another cliché. After the clouds come a rainbow. After the rain comes the sun. After all's been said and done, well, it's been said and done, and everybody forgets about it. Was it something in the clouds that made everyone go terribly emotional, in one way or another?

Because, all of a sudden, Sarah has started wearing pink.

I don't know why, but she has actually noticed those comments of mine about her constantly and consistently wearing black for the past few weeks. And, when I eventually crashed on her blog, I partly realized why, until it became inevitable that I'd be talking about the reasons that compelled Katia to think I believe men are there to make women's lives tougher. And then, after all has been said and done, I saw her in pink while I was having lunch with Naomi. And to be honest, deep inside, I was finally glad that she did.

Eventually it gets very tiring to be in a sad state for most of your life. I don't know - I can't claim to be always sad, but it's stressful enough just to think of something substantial to say, especially when you're very much inclined to keep people sane. Or maybe it's because it shows in your face, and other stuff like that. You could just appear in those multivitamin ads and get money for just looking stressed out - as if school wasn't enough.

Well, I remember also noticing that Danggay has bangs again. And, hey, she got a higher score than me in our first philosophy exam. I can only think of Naomi's reaction, though.

But why haven't we been splashing some color lately? I know, I'm wearing black outfits for most of the past few weeks, and even though it isn't supposedly an indicator of what I feel, it nevertheless translates to something. A negative aura, perhaps, with me actually wanting to be alone, all of a sudden, and the next moment I can't live without anyone walking by. It's like my feeling, as of late, of being a lame duck, without realizing that I'd be doing the most crucial job at the very last minute. Or the feeling that my incurable romantic tendencies are emerging from the ashes yet again.

And yet happiness is infectious, like paint sticking on your shirts, or chocolate staining your tablecloths. And it shows, much like the day Sarah wore blue and three people - me, Danggay and someone I don't really know - noticed that she has gone thin. I thought it was the emotion I've been reading about for the past few days. Or maybe I just got used to it again, like the way I got lost for something to tell Ale, or the way I stuttered when Kelly finally said good afternoon to me on the phone. Funnily enough, the phone call was meant to defuse me from a lack of sleep, in part by Misha's schedules.

And, hey, it has started to rain outside. Has anybody thought that the night sky is indigo, and not pitch black?

And your responses...

"You could just appear in those multivitamin ads and get money for just looking stressed out - as if school wasn't enough."
If I only knew I could do that, I would have been a rich kid a long time ago..hehe

...isa lang ang masasabi ko..."Bilog ang Mundo"

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