Allur rennvotur I engum stígvélum

Nobody's probably supposed to be feeling one thing or the other at this point. They've watched the news and heard that there are expectations of stronger rains as the Thursday gives way to Friday. Nobody likes it, but nobody hates it either.

The weather's acting weird lately, but for once I believe in the power of prayer. Well, it's inching close to urban legend, the story of the Catholic Church praying this prayer to ask for rain in what we called a dry spell. Two days after that, I think, it started raining, and terribly at that. Now three typhoons have visited us in the past two weeks alone. Classes have been suspended for four days, and you know what my usual complaints are. Now, the news that the government has officially declared the dry spell over is drowned out (no pun intended) by news of floods in Pampanga. By the way, their governor is a priest. How many prayers were uttered?

At least I got to shoot my part for our final movie. I don't know about Steph and Karl because nobody's been answering me again, but if things go well tomorrow - read: classes push through - we'll be shooting the very last scenes and I can start editing. Already I have useless editing schedules, two delayed exams and lost time for working on our project proposal, not to mention a botched "film festival". But I'm finally not alone in my sentiments.

But that isn't really the point. It's actually a struggle finding another angle to the rain, after all the "needed" hugs and the cups of coffee you could be sharing. Yes, it's cold where I am, because it's started drizzling again - and most of the day there wasn't any rain! I think that's why people finally see the light, in an egocentric way of speaking. While some find themselves with a lot of things to do after inevitably sleeping through the rain, we have been working all day and finding ourselves, well, terribly delayed, much more if everything closes with the weather.

Rain only gets you confused. "Umbrella or raincoat?" is one thing you'd probably ask. Maybe "coffee or tea?" or "porridge or stew?" or "comforter or seventeen fluffy pillows?" but at least we're definitely torn between some choices. I even forgot to change my status twenty minutes after I dealt with the toilet. Maybe it's the ceiling fan working whatever wonder it's supposed to weave. Nevertheless I finally enjoyed the blanket, for the first time in the longest time, when before it used to stay fluffed up in my feet whenever I sleep, or worse, face first on the floor. And chocolate oatmeal - I finally chanced upon the perfect way of improvising a bowl. But I had too many things to worry about this morning, and thus I instead slept a little bit longer before I woke up, and almost trudged myself to shoot, wishing I could edit at home instead.

And then, at a loss for ideas, I sigh.

Everybody's complaining at this point. Danggay is wondering, Ale is screaming at the top of her lungs, Joy is sending out her pleas, Yas is going slightly romantic then shifts to everybody else's sentiments, and three people have resorted to talking about Kobe beef, for some reason. Is this the rain we're still talking about? It already has led me to (finally) talking to Alyssa, or fulfilling my journalistic frustrations, but we'll never really know. It's confusing, after all, much like the way the rain keeps on falling strongly and then providing long bouts of silence. But as Yas said, "I need school!" - and all the clichés regarding people not liking college when it gets hard is busted, regardless of physical svelteness or intellectual capacity.

Oh, that's Icelandic for something. There's always Google.

And your responses...

not going to share ur sentiments this time (haha...peace!) because I need a lot of REST and SLEEP because it's been a hellish week ^_^

Blogger Lizette8/17/2007     

okay, it's in norwegian! haha. icelandic much?

Anonymous Anonymous8/18/2007     

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