On auteurs and slickness: the term in review

Good afternoon, Rozette and Elaine.

It never occurred to me, until yesterday, that we're almost at the end of the line. We're already thinking up of concepts and defending it, or maybe rehearsing for the real thing, in front of a panel. We're bracing ourselves with what to say and how to impress. We're trying to make our proposals airtight, without any loopholes, without anything to keep it from bursting upon its own weight.

We also had four students who were already working on their thesis. They're the appreciative bunch, really, maybe in hindsight after going through what we already are. Bocx was clapping enthusiastically over Ariane, Kaymee and Jackie's presentation (my apologies to Jackie for the terribly one-sided phrasing) about one's fascination with death and his eventual success as owner of a funeral parlor. The enthusiasm was probably partly because of the skit that preceded the presentation, with Ariane donning a Gryffindor jacket she got in Harry Potter class, and a sickle made of illustration board in another, "killing" Kaymee until she reemerges as a beautifully made-up Jackie. You'll lose the pun unless you've seen in, but it won't work anymore.

TQ was also there, although technically he's not supposed to be there. He was just there to watch us on our first defense, before we actually start working on our thesis next term. The editing bay as of late has been abuzz with their presence, as well as a lot of other upperclassmen who are finishing their thesis, and in between working on theirs they have been watching our video exercises. Personally I've somehow had this reputation of being a obsessive-compulsive editor, and Bocx actually enjoyed my infomercial video that's more of a parody that anything else.

Maybe it's the fact that they're leaving. I'm not sure. Philosophy class had me surrounded, at least in the front rows, with students under the same department as we are, and most in the front row are finishing their thesis, for defense in the coming week. I actually feel a bit pressured, for some peculiar reason, because of all the outdoor trips (and the accompanying mistrust from the home base) and, to some extent, the already hyped-up high expectations my thesis partners Jason and Cuyeg are telling me about. I don't think much about it, though. I've been hell bent lately on finishing all that we have to do - video projects, project defenses and television productions - and maybe helping out a few people. You know, like Jino and Huey on creative add-ons.

I was talking with Jino once after we finished the delayed musical productions. There was, suddenly, a different tone in our conversation, with us talking (a bit geekily, I admit) about their report, and eventually, about vertical programming, radio station reformats and whatnot. I guess another perspective changes your world. I presume it has happened.

This term for me was a similar world flip-around. We were being taught about the film auteurs and how producers can change their lives. We were being trained on using petroleum jelly on camera lenses to make things dreamy, at least on screen. I've written three short screenplays and am writing another teleplay. I've improvised a story out of disconnected footage, and am surprisingly proud of it. If anything, I found my style. Finally, I got in sync with everything we're being taught! All those terms, just to finally feel original, or inspired, to say the least. Our concept - a documentary on the ubiquitous pulis oyster - impressed the panel, surprisingly. Our grade was more than what we thought we'd do, honestly!

After this term, we'd go on a break, and after that, we'd be going back to our shells doing the thesis. We'd disappear, and you'd own the world again, or at least Miguel's second floor. You'd play with the new radio equipment and run after more expensive black and white film. And then when we come back we'd probably look at your work and get impressed, much as it's been happening to us. To some extent we're still the children they're taking care of, and you'll soon be there with us watching your final edits and listening to your talk shows. If there's one thing I'd probably advice you two, and to everybody else in your batch, it's to look out the window and get inspired. Find your own style without breaking the rules (initially at least). And then change the world.

There'd eventually be a time, your teachers said, and Jino said, and we've been told way before, that we're out to rejuvenate the industry we wish to be part of. Know what? Why shouldn't we? Not that we're throwing up at the sight of terribly-produced segments, or tasteless radio shows, or out-of-focus photographs, or roughly confusing films. There's always room for improvement, though. And then, when we come out of hibernation to finally take the stage and defend our final projects, we might see you outperform us. And that's us being proud, to some extent.

For now, Zet and Laine, I hibernate to write about a love triangle.

And your responses...

Thanks for this, Niko! :) I read it! Believe it or not hahaha. Even if it was quite long :P Heehee -zet

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