Snuggle, shiver, whatever

Today was another excuse to remain on the bed and sleep. Face it, you must be really stupid if you don't know that it was raining hard early this morning, and at the very last minute, classes were suspended. And, inevitably, along with it came my schedule for the entire week, for the second time in two weeks.

Just to push that point through, tomorrow's classes are suspended as well. Has anybody noticed that the second day without classes always seems pointless, because by then the rains have stopped and the weather seems better than ever? Although nobody can really say what "better" weather means, the moment I heard the worst news I can hear, the rains stopped falling, and they didn't return. And then I got the same Student Council announcement from seven different people.

But let's face it - I don't have anything to say right now. If anything remotely significant happened today, it's the fact that I spent my (cold) morning either sleeping or rediscovering my love for medium wave radio. It feels uncomfortable, though, because deep down inside you feel the gap generated by unintentional laziness. You actually feel sticky because you get, err, stuck in bed, sleeping every twenty minutes or so.

It actually feels weird, and at the same time unfulfilling, to have no motivation for anything. Yesterday, when the rains were surprisingly strong until the end of the night, the feeling of actually walking through the rain with a barely-capable (but brand-wise classy) jacket actually felt good, even if I ended up with a very wet shirt. At least it was because I was doing something, and also, partly because it got silently reciprocated with Jason bringing me to Buendia instead of me waiting for a bus in the middle of torrential weather.

So I'm making the most out of the time I have, even if you really don't get anything done because they have to be done while you're unable to. Since finals week is nearing I have been talking to Karla about the project proposal, Steph about the final movie, and Naomi about the (incessantly delayed) musical program. But you don't end up doing anything because it's cold. I'm not really blaming the weather - supposedly this gets you working, if only to get you warm, as those European countries have exhibited - but we're all snuggling up, eventually, either to a pillow, a blanket, or somebody else.

It will eventually prove conducive to everyone I know, since after sleepless nights and hyperactive afternoons they can all catch up on their sleep. At this point, however, my sentiments about disrupted schedules turns out to be shared among half of the aforementioned. At least I didn't look like a geek when I insisted I want classes to be held tomorrow. If there's another thing this badly-timed holiday is enabling us to do, it's catching up with people who are otherwise busy. And, well, they really are, but the cold weather must have made people extraordinarily tolerant and affectionate, to an extent. Issa was still receiving my expletives regarding the weather, Mirielle was still taking to me about my relevance to advertising and the scene outside, and hey, after a long time of silence on the airwaves, Ella!

And, if anything else keeps me from doing things, I might finally watch Little Miss Sunshine. But I'm inevitably going to remain sticky tomorrow, so I might as well stay in bed.

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that was a lovely movie. go watch!!

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