Why you shouldn't bring your IDs out when they're not needed

Karla and I were on our way to check YouTube for something we actually needed for that project proposal we decided to get over with. She'd just pointed out that, for some extraordinary reason, I was a little bit too obnoxious at the conservatory, after I got too philosophical, and even more stressed trying to beat non-existent deadlines. I just laughed out loud along SJ Walk. And then I realized that I was.

I was taught in high school to never ever use my having ADHD as an excuse for my actions. But, sad as it may seem, my inattentiveness rendered me unaware that I was talking a bit loudly at what is supposedly a study area. I actually whispered loud enough to be heard by three people who happened to share Karla's desk when she was left alone at the place, when all that was with her had classes.

"Tara, alis na tayo para hindi mo na makasama ang mga batang yan." Epitome of meanness.

Fact is, I couldn't possibly be affected by what she's been complaining about that morning. I only knew about it after I finished lunch with Naomi, after I finished the last philosophy exam, after I left her to cram studying, if you'd call it as such. She only showed me what she's been typing in and somehow I swung into action, being much more offensive than they probably imagined, to the point of even peeping too blatantly at one girl's ID and, well...

"I think I'm being too blatant," I told Karla later, when we were in (a long) line having our proposal printed thrice over. I was holding on to three red sliding folders taking photos of the line, or more specifically, surprise Mara with another one. It was something about the way I've been telling the world, bit by bit, about those details that I'd probably never think of telling two years ago. I don't know. It's just an observation. Or maybe it's because it came naturally without me knowing it - heck, inattentiveness - even if everybody has insisted that I mention everything, even what I feel at that precise second. Of course, I wonder about all the things I supposedly kept, but then again, they eventually went out somewhere.

The word blatant, in itself, already carries a negative connotation. Blatant display of whatever you think that's negatively negative gets you in jail, and gets money out of your pockets (more inevitably). Although being frank can be seen as good, as long as it's done in the right places, we nevertheless live in a world where we should care about each other. Too much, maybe, to the extent that we use euphemisms for everything. Sure, we live for double meanings and get suspended anyway, but there always has to be a term for everything, however childish it may sound. Speak your mind all too often, and they'll ask you to stop because, apparently, they're concerned about your social standing. It's another euphemism. Duh!

But I could have phrased my whisper differently. "Tara, alis na tayo nang mabawasan ang stress sa katawan" would have sounded better, plus I'd sound very concerned, maybe in a medical kind of way, and get myself positive plaudits. Stop me from looking at that girl's ID and I'd be the perfect gentleman, except for the mountain range that is my nose. But I guess things happen for a reason. My answers during the exam kept on delineating towards the fact that it all is a case of perception, interpretation and reception, and why we want to force our beliefs on others, which makes wars much worse than expected.

Luckily there are still the universal values. Consideration, discipline, lack of whatever...

There isn't really a deadline. Miss Mel insisted we submit it today, while Miss Trini was quick to advise her class that we submit on Friday except for a few who have no choice but to do it today. We just decided to finish it today and submit it so that we can forget about one thing, and think of another. I shouldn't really be blogging, but thanks to our almost-for-naught efforts, well, we're awake and somewhat rejuvenated. Eventually we got to eleven pages and almost brought in some frozen coffee into places where it isn't allowed. And we ended up happy.

Funny thing is, you'll never get anything out of the photo except when you look really close.

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Hey Niko, yeah I got your message thru Chatango. Thanks for that!! :D Haha I removed the thing though already T_T. You've got a really nice blog here. :D More substantial than my blog, that's for sure! Haha -zet

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