Creative mismanagement

"You guys just put down two profs?"

But I was in the front row, and before it got chaotic I got the instructions by the neck.

"Up to two daw, eh. You guys put down three?"

"Ooops... yeah. I thought she said three."

Today was the thesis orientation. It wasn't merely a day for me to bust every impression I've had of Miss Diaz - admittedly a distorted one, thanks to an unhealthy accumulation of whatever - but more of a wake up call to get started, to get down to the nitty-gritty of things. For the first time I was actually doing something in front of this PC, aside from fixing up my messed-up music library. I was reading through the requirements for our final thesis proposal, which is due in a little over two months. We actually need to watch more stuff, and as Jason, Cuyeg and I wait to get assigned mentors, I somehow end up feeling like the third wheel.

But I'm grateful to the two of them, no doubt. I wasn't looking for a thesis partner, and they took me in. Setting aside all the stories about the two being approached by so many people, they have done a good job making me feel welcome - it hasn't compromised with what I do yet, but I think I'll manage. Miss Diaz threw the word "networking" during the orientation, when Arlene was asking about groupings and why the LIA-COM students suddenly were in the worst position a student could ever be. The two guys are my blockmates, and that means things start somewhere further back than the others, but it's an unexplainable feeling with knowing so many and keeping your roots where it belongs.

We have the loosest idea for a concept. The one we discussed on a rainy afternoon inside Jason's car is the one we eventually submitted to Miss Diaz - broad enough to insert anything and everything, but tight enough to keep it interesting. We haven't really talked about anything yet - supposedly we were to talk this afternoon, but Cuyeg had a class, Jason disappeared, and I somehow had different concerns in mind. I'm actually itching to get talking, especially now that I actually want to write something down for the screenplay, since that I'm studying screenwriting and I'm bound to forget what Sir Doy is teaching us.

But it's too early to worry. The first topic proposal is due in three weeks, and we still have to go through two more readings before we submit our thesis proposal, and as I mentioned before, that's a long way to go. I'm lucky to not be in a sucky a position like the LIA-COM students are - not to brag, but I know the groups that are exclusively of their kind have panicked because they're not supposed to take electives, yet they are in theory supposed to have someone who has, and the groups for the full-blooded CAM kids are locked in like the answers to a quiz show. I keep on insisting to myself that this is the start of the most important thing we are supposed to get over and do right, and somehow it helps. Surprise, guys - I'm a bit optimistic regarding this.

But our thesis is not something to go any emotional about. I came back from dinner and I presume Misha won't be asking me anything else, so I flip back to what she said earlier. "Sounds interesting enough," she described our loose concept, which is more of Jason's brightspark to be honest, but we'll manage to make it ours anyway. I wonder who our mentor will be?

And your responses...

Hey, Niko! Arlene here. Gulat ako, may picture pala ako dito. Muka akong kawawa. Anyway, here I am sharing thoughts as well.

Thank you, Niko, for your "sympathy," as I like to call what you said about us LIA-COM students being in the "worst" position. I don't think it's that bad, but we were quite, or perhaps very problematic a while ago -something that isn't our fault at all.

Besides the fact that we'd love to be with our blockmates, people we trust and understand personalities of, we also worry about having to dismantle CAM-Reg groups just to solve OUR problems. Just as there are ALL-REG groups, we have ALL-LIA-COM groups that apparently, we seem to be forced out of. Guess there's nothing wrong in the first place about us grouping amongst ourselves, right? We just feel disheartened at how the flawed curriculum for ID#105 above (or is it below?) is taking its toll on us AGAIN. We chose DLSU thinking we get the best of both worlds, yet we weren't offered courses that are offered to you guys, that, as you SHOULD KNOW, we are all very interested in taking. Then now, due to this privelege that we were deprived of us, we're being forced to dismantle or take audit classes.

Did you know that in audit classes, the professors aren't required to check our attendance, check our works or allow us to join groupings? Miss Diaz said we should have thought about taking audit. I wish they thought about putting that down on our flowchart that we simply obediently followed. It was hurtful how she sounded like, we, LIA-COM students are incapable of coming up with a competent feature, docu, and the like. It's not like we chose not to take the classes you guys have that we don't. Although we know what they're trying to say, and that they mean well, we can't help but feel sad with what Miss Diaz was trying to say --that we know ONLY the "basics?" Then in the first place, why does our flow chart equip us with ONLY the basics?

Anonymous Anonymous9/19/2007     

[Y2 here] Oh, Niko. thanks for pointing out even further how "sucky" our situation is. to be frank, none of us regret being LIA-COM. and even if we were downgraded that ubreak to be "only basics" and "lacking knowledge" to come up with a supposedly decent thesis for Comm Arts... at the end of the day, this misunderstanding is due to the lack of information dissemination in the part of the department. sana pala SECOND YEAR pa lang sinabi nang triads of LIA-COM aren't allowed. or that we SHOULD apply for audit classes because our flowchart lacks electives. why did we LIA-COM group together, you ask? same reason the other groups formed in the first place! we trust each other, we have compatible schedules, and we know each others' strengths and weaknesses.does that translate to us lacking "networking"? apparently, those in 104 last year weren't also properly informed. many of them took audit classes also. and i hope you had seen how WORRIED we were too with YOUR groups. we didn't want to cause any of the LIA-REG groups to disband as well just to accommodate us. that was the point we were trying to make last wednesday; not just to protect our groups as well. i don't think we lack "networking" with you guys as well. i think i can speak for my blockmates when i say that we never thought we were either above or below you guys for having two majors. and i think we get along fine with each other! DON'T YOU? pero mukhang yun yung lumabas nung wednesday e. miscommunication. wow. and to think we belong to the COMMUNICATION department. yeah, niko. our situation does suck. we now have to pay an extra 6000-9000 pesos to take audit classes. i think we're all united in being proud to be taking up communication arts. but please, don't persecute us for being "half-baked CLA". we deeply resent that.

Anonymous Anonymous9/20/2007     

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