Delayed ambiguous responses to hard-hitting scenarios

Let us not complain about the short term break! Think of it as a series of terribly-placed class suspensions where the rains prove to be non-existent. In fact, it's terribly sunny outside. It actually feels like a Sunday.

My classes on Mondays start at 16.00 - and that's my only class. I can then complain about having to go to school by myself entirely - they won't let me go to school seven hours early even if I already managed to wait that long, because they allegedly are concerned with me spending on lunch. (I think my parents want to cut my allowance.) That's probably the most low-key start to a term in college, but that shouldn't be. Besides, we're starting off on our thesis.

Last Tuesday I met up with Bocx, and he was talking about his thesis defense the week before. He's finished defending his feature, along with TQ and a girl, and he was talking about how their group had to defend to a panel of Cinemalaya veterans, unlike the others. I guess it all depends on luck, but I saw their trailer during our proposal defense the week before, and although it won't make sense at first, it looked very slick at the very least. Then came my affirmation. Maybe, I said, their thesis was meant for big things. He agreed. Turns out we'll be classmates in advanced radio class this Wednesday.

I was relieved to find out that both Jason and Cuyeg passed Sir Gary's class. I thought you only had to pass the introductory classes to be able to work on your thesis - the production classes are the prerequisites to society class - but apparently those who've just finished defending are saying that they also are. I was trying my best to help Jason out for his final website, and when I found the problem and told him the solution, it took a while for my words to sink in, and then I left with Ariane. Luckily (if I remember correctly) the others also filled up the desktop lab and Kat was forcing what I said before into his head. I think both got a 1.5, and then we start on our thesis.

I think I've said it before, that there are high expectations for our group. As Ale put it yesterday, we're a "complete cast" - a director, an eye, and a wordsmith. We've had short conversations about what the feature film would be - one was done in the terrible rain while Jason was driving - and that is it, for now at least. Well, we still managed to heed Bocx' advice during our Tuesday meet-up: start thinking of something now, and kink out the details later.

At this point we don't feel like third year students anymore. Much more as veterans, to be honest, who are close to realizing that the war if only to begin. As expected, John has reserved a day for thesis production, and the others are also kinking out their details - Trix with her screenplay, Naomi with her feature, and everybody else with their features. Don't we love features? At least within LR19, most, if not all, are working on something related to films. Must be the way we were brought up, the amazement we find with holding something with a lens and a viewfinder.

And at this point we cannot just stumble anymore, much more the stupid mistakes. We're veterans already! I wonder how much we've cried (hypothetically) over the things we've seemingly done but failed on, and then as expected we pick up something from it and move on. Sure, we'll stumble, but that ought to be the more calculated ones. That's why math is still a minor subject. But we aren't ought to condemn the others either. Maybe focus on our work. Here's probably when we start to hate each other (hypothetically again) although I actually mean losing our social lives in favor of trips to the mood, or something.

Fine. I have exaggerated. I apologize.

Two days remain on a short term break. Most have gone to the beach, while some are lucky to have summer-like sun, thus there's no need to go out. I haven't felt anything, basically, and no, I'm not thinking of thesis yet. I'd not say this is the only time we have to be so carefree. Things merely happen, I guess. It's more of a sunshine-related thing more than anything, much more if you have company to spend it with, and then I suddenly plead to everyone to stay, as if nothing has changed. Now's not the time to keep talking. We have so much as stake now; we need all the time to get forward, not stay stuck. Thus we shouldn't commit stupid mistakes. And yes, I am talking to the wind, an empty auditorium, and a million others.

Tomorrow, however, an adrenaline rush. And then I'll have the urge to text Naomi about nonsense.

And your responses...

Haaay, thesis.

This term is the shortest one, isn't it? I didn't really feel it.

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