Six sweet lovely rescues

What must Marielle be thinking? It's just Kat and Fatzi playing with Brain Age.

Twenty-three hours ago I was still awake, but not for long. Misha just said goodnight, and I just said good morning, which is technically correct, because it's past midnight already.

"May you have a lovely Wednesday," she typed in.

But my Wednesdays for the next three months or so are going to be incredibly slow. I overslept today and woke up at half past five. Inevitably I arrived late for advanced radio production class - late for only seven minutes, and by then Anna was the one panicking.

"Eeek," she texted me, "where are youuu?"

After I told Misha I felt like a bishop, I went to bed and texted Anna. She was to fix up our report, since she couldn't do things much earlier, thanks to previous engagements. She didn't get what I emailed her, so I had to give her my email account's password so that she could grab it from there. She didn't figure out what Jose sent in - to be very blunt about it, it was more of a rant than a monitoring log - and we ended up covering two hours in less than an inch. I wasn't able to print it, and obviously I wasn't able to edit it in time for class - and, unlike last week, she was the one on time. But she was panicking. And I was apologetic since before I slept.

"My deepest apologies," I texted.

"Hey don't say sorry!" she texted back. "You deserve one big thanks."

This morning I proved I am the talkative one. Or maybe it's because the fun stuff in class will take longer to kick in - the actual production happens after we get a faint understanding of the radio industry - which means when someone is in front, only around a couple out of twenty will listen. And I'm not always part of that list.

I'm not used to being dismissed at an hour before noon and realize that nothing's going to happen next. It last happened to me on my very first term, and on those Wednesdays I had two classes. But we're the crazy people. We find something humorous about Veritas 846 programs, although I don't know how that helps exactly. After lunch and self-time, I was with some CAM girls at the benches near Z2, and U-Break is still an hour away.

While waiting for Jason and Cuyeg, I was idle. Before Fatzi distracted us with Brain Age, I was wondering why Anna found sweet something I found pretty Buster Keaton-ish. "I trust you with everything," I texted on the bus, willing to give up quality control over something I'm supposedly very geeky about.

Then she goes, "awww, that's sweet," and I wonder why.

There was a long line at the library photocopy machines. The third floor was empty, the second floor was half-efficient, and the fourth floor was full. And, just when I was going to be one step closer to photocopying handouts for journalism class, this Korean guy insisted on photocopying an entire book - technically not allowed, but that familiar girl and I ended up moving to the photocopier at the periodicals area.

Two kilometers away from home, my phone got drained and my jacket was of no use. When I woke up from a short nap at home, it started to rain.

My screenplay for tomorrow is finished. I printed out four copies: one copy goes to Sir Doy, while the other three would be potential souvenirs, or supplies for the recycling folks. I showed it to Mae and she found it cute, much like Kat thought of my first draft yesterday. Issa was telling me about how love came in a half-dozen donuts, then changed her status to the usual busy one. And I realize how slow Wednesdays can be, which is why I try to redeem it with a blog entry.

"May you have a lovely Wednesday," Misha typed in twenty-three hours ago.

Before I started printing the screenplays I was talking to Misha again, and both of us were getting confused about the handouts we have to read. I'm carrying half a book in photocopies, literally, and since they're two copies - one goes to Karla - it's a whole book, but my point is we never understood each other until she goes "that's all I need to know. Thanks so much Henrik!"

Most probably she'll come to film writing class tomorrow wondering why nobody else is around. And then it's another slow Thursday. I'm out of school by 11.10 like today. Then I'll try to redeem it with another blog entry. By then I hope there's something worth writing about.

And then I decide to talk to Elaine. "Save me," she typed in.

"I can't save people," I replied. "But I can swim."

Turns out she needs swimming lessons. Another paradigm shift starts.

And your responses...

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