That long overdue entry on professors

Yesterday we decided to write down two names on that small piece of paper. Preferred mentors, I began. I turned to Jason and asked him about the names. We actually wanted to get Sir Rapatan as a second choice if we don't get Sir Doy, but Miss Diaz was talking about the former being the better choice if we wanted "to work alone." And the posters on the department's bulletin board says enough - emails galore for those who defended last term.

So we wrote down Sir Mariano's name. It's a weird fit for a group who's doing a feature film, because everybody knows he does journalism. But some say he's second compared to Sir Groyon, so that must be a good choice for us, right?

I remember our first day as CAM students. Print class, naturally, and there was the classic situation with Toni actually being in a dilemma as to what to call him, because apparently, he is a family friend. I don't really have that situation, naturally, but there was a time when one of my aunts suddenly asked me about him. They are also family friends.

It isn't really surprising. The folks at Merville, and surrounding areas, are pretty close-knit. Mon is very close with my cousins. Veia lives on the same street as Sir Mariano. Of course, there's (I think) Toni and Y2K, and probably two percent of the people I met in college. My parents have even met him, during a family dinner that I didn't attend because of academic obligations. That was last term, I think. He mentioned that I wasn't under any of his classes then - I was done with print production - but he did mention that I'd be under him the next.

Jason and I were talking about our thesis concept, refining it yet one more time, over breaded squid and 80s midtempo tracks. We both wanted Sir Doy because of the ideas we were coming up with. I think, on the way to the bank, there was this thing about our two mentor preferences "fighting" over our group, with Jason talking about why Sir Mariano might want to get us. I'm okay with anything, but I was being overly optimistic again. Besides, I think we'd work well with anybody, only it was pointed out that (they think) one likes me.

John told me that we got Sir Mariano. I wonder whether the scenario really happened?

And your responses...

sir mariano nga kayo:)

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