When things haven't seemed to change

It's been that busy, but I've been taking photos, still. I was supposed to do a motion blur, but the door closed too quickly, and all I got was... a photo of Zet. Surprise, surprise.

I'll just continue the last entry on calendars, but obviously I need to look back rather than look forward.

I told John yesterday that I feel wrong on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. It seems that during these periods my memory fails me and I forget something very crucial. I got seventeen items out of thirty correct for a quiz last Tuesday - which, both of us believe, is very unlikely - because of something between a mental block and an inability to guess, which is much more unlikely than the first. Yesterday I half-forgot about the Media Speaker Series meeting - and when I remembered, I thought it didn't push through because no one was at M209.

Turns out the telecom services have also been failing me. Apparently, at 13.30,when I was just fresh out of Netopia finishing the fourth revision to our concept proposal, Jaja, Jason and Kimmy texted me about the meeting, and I never got anything until two hours later. (I never got Jaja's message, to boot.) At least me waiting for something at the second floor with Karla got me up to speed, albeit partly, nevertheless.

This week is stressful, I must say, although I actually don't have to, because it's very obvious. The only consolation is, after five revisions, two pre-arranged meetings, two impromptu meetings and money spent on printing, we're defending out concept on Wednesday. The last revision involved mere semantics, which means my writing is not for academic functions, but more for blogging and the ilk. Maybe I'd become a columnist one day.

At the Hit FM studios for Trix's television segment on celebrities. The best bit, aside from me ''talking'' on air - err, donning the headphones and pretending to talk on the microphone for one scene - it's what Neil answered about whether they should be counted as celebrities or not. Neil's on the left, Trix's in the middle, and I took the photo.

But I'm getting a reimmersion of sorts. I helped Jackie and Trix in their segment production, as they looked for celebrities to interview. I suggested Kelly on Sunday night, talked to her and Tin the next morning, and hoped for the best after advanced radio class. When Trix and I got there, Kelly was just about to leave, so we "did" Neil instead. Luckily I have met Neil before - when Ella and I auditioned for Hit FM on that Friday the thirteenth - and we proceeded with the interview. It was also a realization - after six months or so, entering a radio studio hasn't excited me like before.

Maybe it's the stress. It's been really stressful, and even if I have just repeated myself I don't really care. Things have settled lately - who to meet, who to talk to, who to swoon over - but there always is a surprise. I guess it's the fact that we have to move around a lot today, and, as I recalled with my elementary friend Sophia last night, meet with so many people. I'd almost like to claim I'm used to it, but not exactly. My feet still hurt from all the walking.

Tomorrow proves to be another retrospective - it's the retreat! I just found out that Jackie forgot to get me assigned a room, because nobody among the men had an idea I was with them. Among the nine guys on the list when I checked today, none were total strangers - a classmate from last term, Jino, Huey, Boris, Jason, Cuyeg, Burton, and Kizia's boyfriend Sam (which is, honestly, the biggest surprise of them all). I might end up sleeping with the coordinators, something which I don't really mind - it's like being in first year high school all over again, having lunch with the guidance counselors and good conversations with librarians, because only they could offer it.

Apparently I've been open to Marcia about my repressed three months on the bus today. If anything, really, it feels more of a retrospective than a move forward, except probably for the first concept reading next week. This entry feels like a typical one during my frosh year, even. That is a lot of hyperlinks I see.

And your responses...

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