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I absolutely don't have a social life.

And I'm definitely envious of everybody else. The world has made revolutions and I'm still facing the monitor, reading all of your stories about film shoots, parties and anything else that's interesting. And I, I absolutely still don't have a social life.

I have always said that I'll survive not having one. I've always been a once-in-a-while person, occasionally (or, more usually, rarely, if never) obliging to one's invitation to have fun. Call me a sleepyhead, but I have always preferred to sleep. If I was out I'd be very observant, and my companions would think I'm being academic. But there goes my reputation. There's this conversation I had with Jason a long time ago, when I asked him about him not updating his blog. His answer: he has more of a social life, and I don't.

Insert stereotypes. Hello, stereotypes! I always fit in the nerd template: glasses - at least stylish glasses, in my opinion - plus a poor fashion sense and a disorientation with what's in and out. Optimists would say I'm one who goes my way, not caring about what others encourage, or pressure, or coerce me to do. Pessimists would say I'm just as disconnected as, say, John Howard was with his citizens, at least before he lost to Kevin Rudd. I end up being happy with staring in front of a computer for five straight hours, reading stuff (but not playing games like the rest of the world does) while the rest go experience what I end up reading.

But at least I know how to have fun. For those concerned - oh, there are still some who are? - yes, I do have fun. There's an absolute thrill in discovering new things, and in talking about those things to other people. Yes, there is that look in my face when one doesn't have any idea about the conversation, and I end up giving some sort of crash course. It's a mix of surprise and glee, in a pretty evil way. Somehow I oblige to help.

And while the rest of the world gets wasted on whatever new cocktail there is in whatever hangout there is, I get myself rested and prepared for a new day. So that's why everybody marvels at how fast I (apparently) think of an answer? My answer is this - my brain isn't wasted on alcohol. Rather it's wasted on thinking of you getting wasted on alcohol.

Funny thing with a superficial world is, all of this doesn't matter. You'll only prove my abilities when you see the number of convolutions on my brain. I, on the other hand, will always think that you are having the most fun in your lives, and will probably die, despite the cause, with a smile on your face, and a lot of stories to tell the folks back in heaven, if you will end up going to heaven. But why the world has to put an emphasis on fun remains a question. If more than half of the world can't afford to eat thrice a day, why am I fussing over not getting a fourth meal?

So, fine, I am a nerd, sitting in front of a computer, complaining about my lack of street savvy while the rest of us forget the fact that we are, after all, just a minority. But sometimes I wonder if the reason why I complain is because there are the people that I (for some reason) want to spend some quality time with, and yes, for some reason it has to happen elsewhere.

Or else, I end up shouting obscurities. "Hey, Bloc Party fan, I have the twelve-inch mix of Flux. Do you want it, or don't you?"

And your responses...

huh? i don't suppose a social life is defined by the parties you attend or the cocktails you drink.

i define socializing as interacting with society or just a person at the least. so with all the talking you're doing with other people (online and not), i say you do have a social life.

besides, don't make me feel bad coz i am much worse than you as a nerd and a homebody. hehe

Anonymous Anonymous12/04/2007     

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