What if you look left, stick left, and stay left?

I was reading one of Miss Bacalla's emails and it finally sinks to me - I'm doomed with schoolwork, and it still feels like we're not yet past midterms week.

That email was talking about our individual research papers for journalism class. Now, it's basically everything we did a year ago, only to be done within four weeks, and we're supposed to interview journalists and other pertinent people. Just now an idea hatched in my head, but I still can't get around it. I really should, though. We're due to submit a one-page concept this Friday.

The video project for religion class is coming near too, and sadly this subject is on the receiving end of my cramming tendencies. Our group haven't talked about anything yet, and it's due in three weeks, too! Shiftee's thrown some ideas around and I'm sure I'll agree, if only to get things over with. On the bus home I was playing with content more than prospects, and it really isn't a nice thing to do.

This leads me to my point tonight - I'm pretty much losing the drive. Heck, even organizing our music library for advanced radio production class is being pushed to the night before, and that's considering what I told Kor during recording: "ako lang yata ang kumakarir dito." For Wednesday we're to submit a program grid (which we've finished two weeks before it's even due) and a program clock, and I'm surprisingly making every excuse to do it for another day.

Gone are the days when I can just lie down on the bed on a Sunday afternoon while staring at the radio's speakers. Nowadays I have to envision something in order to be productive. I finished my boxing match screenplay - or what poses as a boxing match screenplay - last Saturday, but I felt the need to revise it today, partly because things aren't so concrete, and partly because the opening and closing images are weak, in my opinion. (I didn't really change them, though.) Thankfully we're not going to do an improbable connection screenplay for film writing class, but that means more time to think about our final screenplay (or, as the class calls it, a long short screenplay). And who said inspiration comes in idle spaces?

Society class is a bigger bum burner. I think we have to change topics because Sir Doy thinks anything on indie films would end up getting the same response. We already have Nick Deocampo waiting for a formal letter, and here I come proposing a change to the topic, and Naomi pleading for me to convince our professor. And this is due in, what, two weeks? I can't even do a poster without getting a good speaker - and I doubt if anybody else has connections!

And, of course, there's thesis, and if we don't make this one, count me as a regular enrollee. Jason's becoming aware that he's sounding too demanding, and then he gives love on Christmas day.

Well, it's forty-seven past eleven, and I'm sleepy after printing so many things.

But that's how it's supposed to be, really. I was just wondering why, after ten weeks into the term, I haven't exactly geared myself for such a workload. I shouldn't be typing in paragraphs and paragraphs of my thoughts regarding pink collars and flowery motifs, and instead typing in email after follow-up email, but for some reason - don't call it time management, because I don't feel productive. I think I'm spending more time telling the world that I'm away from my desk and in the bathroom being human. In fact, I haven't really thought about my schedule, although surely people will wonder why I'm taking investigative journalism class next term. There doesn't seem to be any good electives, and I'm enrolling on Wednesday!

Sigh, idiosyncrasies. Things manage to happen nevertheless. Sars and Marcia both think my "boxing match screenplay" is a good one, and surprisingly there's this feeling of satisfaction inside me, amazed because I managed to write what I think is a multi-layered story on unrequited love and released opportunities. And at some points in my boring life, my mind springs to life and churns out all of these ideas that I forget anyway. But, if anything, I should really set my mind on something, and get it done fast. Distractions are very much welcome, more so that goodbye it just around the corner...

And your responses...

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