The day before the day itself

It's the annual who-knows-me-and-who-doesn't entry!

I did this last year - I sent seventy-something people the same Christmas greeting and waited for their replies. As I mentioned yesterday, I was supposed to do this the day before, thanks to mobile phone operators wanting more money, but only got around to do it today, because Ella - the one in Cyprus - sent me a holiday greeting. Too bad I couldn't reply back to an international number.

From Zay Abjelina: Merry Christmas! Who's this please? This early I had a casualty. First text message, and she does not know my number?

From Mae Felipe: Sino you? Another casualty!

From Majet Labrador: Happy holidays too, Henrik! Thanks for being a nice classmate. God bless! And that was a very unexpected reply. Honestly.

From Jennifer Ngo: Merry christmas to you and your family too! With smooch in the end.

From John Pangan: Okay, merry christmas!

From Edsel Mendoza: Happy christmas - is he still sick? There wasn't even a period in the end.

From Christina Kee: Thank you lolo! Merry christmas to you and to your family! Don't forget the true meaning of it. God bless!

From Zay Abjelina, again: Batallones? Haha. Sorry! Merry christmas Niko.

From Adrian Yap: Merry christmas din. By the way, who's this? Casualty number three, that's who.

From Edong Firmalo: Merry christmas! By the way, who's this? Sorry nawala phone ko dati, eh.

From Edong Firmalo, three minutes later: Haha, okay! Merry christmas!

From Ale Tejada: Since I don't want my messages to get caught in 'traffic' later - oh, yes, it's her general greeting! - ito na! Enjoy the day with your family, the gifts and the noche buena. Wala munang diet! Haha. Merry christmas to you and your family! I got kissed here too, and to keep things safe, her name's here. But I think she said this last year, too...

From Kizia Beredo: You too Niko! Merry christmas!

From Misha Balangue: Happy holidays to you too!

From Abigail Azul: Sino 'to? Not again...

From Carlo Cruz: Hey there! A super merry christmas to you too! Wishing you and your family all the best this season. You take care and see you soon! This sounds like a campaign. I can imagine him shaking my hand...

From Butch Alejandro: Thanks, Niko! Have a merry christmas! God bless!

From Korinne Lirio: Merry christmas to you and your family! Another generic one. Enjoy the holidays and God bless! Ayan, mauna na 'kong bumati ah! Hehe. Merry christmas ulit! She also has her name at the end. I should be doing that too, I presume.

From Caresse Dy: Merry christmas! Sometimes short does it.

From Chex Li: Happy christmas to you and your family - there it goes again. Where are the punctuation marks?

From Jan Manaog: It's a bit early, and because Globe might act up at midnight, I'll greet you guys na. Generiiic number three. Merry christmas!

From Kim Malicsi: Happy holidays din, Niko!

From Kaymee Santos, in as of press time: Happy christmas Niko, Enjoy!

So, again, what about all of this?

This time, I didn't count the number of people I texted. (For some reason it was impossible. I think I sent more than seventy messages.) That's twenty-one people as of this moment, and as the night comes in I'd expect nothing else.

Well, times do change. Last year it was easier to choose people who you send messages to. Now, I think, I texted every CAM student in my batch, and then some. Of course I wouldn't expect replies from everyone - turns out, for example, Y2K's in Los Angeles and couldn't possibly read my excuse for a greeting until she gets home. But it's surprising that the list this year is very different from the one last year. The ones who texted back last season were, well, nowhere. Busy, hopefully, or out of credit, but hopefully they haven't thrown me out of contention.

Which leads me to wonder: who should we really be greeting? My text message never had the word family in it, and hopefully it does not speak miles about my preferences. I just, for one, wonder why people greet their friends' families even if they have not met. Thankfulness, I suppose? Hypocrisy perhaps?

Aside from that, though, there's the worse feeling of an greeting that's not reciprocated. It sucks a lot, definitely. And surely I would have missed a lot of phone numbers, but if it's anyone's fault people drift away, only to be remembered on the times when one needs the other, then, well, it is a hopeless case.

But who am I to complain? Besides, I'm technically nobody's close friend, so people would rather spend more on others than spend a peso on me. But that's me moping. I have more greetings, still, and before I describe them again as something close to handwritten notes which could be deleted, well, things happen.

At around eleven past today, I was so swoony like last year, I almost got sick. At least I'm not sick now. Thankfulness, I suppose?

Oh well. Cynicism aside, happy holidays, everyone!

And your responses...

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