Rather than I blush

Ubiquity kills, and so does unfamiliarity. Have one, or the other, or both, and we're in trouble.

Thursdays are slowly becoming pretty unexciting. For one, my tendency to cram has maxed out on this day, and I end up doing nothing on Friday, forgetting everything on Saturday, and panicking the next week. The only notable thing that happened is a detail-by-detail impromptu reenactment of what happened last Thursday, and then, once everything is over, well, it's over.

Maybe it's also a surprise that Alyssa decided to talk to me, and not the other way around. She's been complaining about the cruel realities of her life - that those who prefer ubiquity would get it better than the dedicated ones. "I want money, money, moneeeeeh," she typed in. "I shouldn't have saved up for that ubiquitous Starbucks planner."

Ubiquity. Today it's been my buzzword of choice, especially when I talk to myself about my past and future crushes. Get too much of one thing, and either you become crazy trying to deal with it, or get used to it to the point that it doesn't make any sense. I told Celine about the one thing that mesmerizes and puzzles me up to this time: "the funny thing is, you never even decide to do it, and it just happens." True enough, it has happened to her, to the point that one might wonder why it just got canceled when they expect more thoughts to be involved.

So knowing too much can confuse you too, apparently. It's what I deserve, and that's what I will get. Oh, but we think we're experts at one thing, and swipe what others deserve, rightfully or otherwise. We just think that it's the perfect fit, when in fact, it's far from it - and then it happens. We're taken to a spin, and without us doing anything, we decide that, ahh, it's not effing worth it. Or something to that extent.

Not knowing anything will most definitely confuse you as well. No question about it. This is worse - you end up imagining without any basis, and it gobbles you up. You pretend to be some merchant of cool, trying to get into what is considered the biggest thing of some time period, and whatever the result is, it will happen. Ahh, it's not effing worth it. Nobody has to think about it - it just happens.

Priorities are such attention-grabbers, aren't they? They're complicated and everything else that can be said about it. One thing you'd like it another thing you'd hate later. If we can only decide what to do with something and stick with it until we become fertilizer, than maybe the world would have started to grow some more trees, and maybe bring back sanity to the bears at Yellowstone. Thursdays have become terribly blank for me, and yes, somehow I end up doing more than laughing stupidly when Piyar shows up with a finger to my arm, and then we forget about it. Sometimes I wonder why I even fuss.

Just give the tickets to Alyssa, and this argument is over.

And your responses...

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