So why don't we go

The moment it happened, I was a mix of freak-out and extra-excited.

Funny thinking that, a few days ago, it merely occurred to me on a bus ride. Not that everything's over, but dormant is a better term - asleep, passed for dead. Usually volcanoes like this surprise when it's least expected, or in some cases, would make a fuss before finally venting on an unsuspecting population. The same thing happened tonight - it brewed before it spewed.

After six call attempts, I finally got through. Maybe fate was pulling a trick on me, and on everybody else - I never even managed to hear even a busy tone on the first three days. The phone blinked in my favor for six times tonight, and it finally got picked up on the last. My signal was scratchy and nobody was understanding anybody, until I said it was me on the other end.

It's the usual, really, only it wasn't really usual. The phone call lasted longer than expected. What usually took two minutes stretched to five, thanks to a small synthetic argument about whether one is doing it right. As if I had to reiterate it again - yes, I said. That, and the fact that we seem alike on a few aspects.

The thing with volcanoes is that it can take you by surprise. What you thought was small would turn out to be larger than life. Who thought that the Taal Volcano isn't the small one in the middle of the lake, but the lake itself?

I promised Kelly a long time ago I'd tell her about, well, her. Not that she means a lot, but it's one of those unexplainable things - they just happen. I was supposed to do it a long time ago, but I guess everybody was distracted, even I forgot about it despite overstaying. On the phone, I finally remembered, and there I was, telling her about that one person that I couldn't get my mind off, at least for three-fourths of last term. And then, I asked for a song request.

The moment it happened, I was a mix of freak-out and extra-excited. Yes, it was just a song request, but that moment was like watching television coverage of a volcano exploding. It's unstoppable because it's already happening. You wonder about the other people, and whether they're aware of what I did without me actually intending to in the first place. Would anyone be listening? If so, would anyone ask me at the closest opportunity? I was too busy to speculate, because I had to enjoy the song. Besides, I asked for it, and in the true nature of FM radio, I got it.

I asked for two songs. Wordplay was one, for some reason, and the second was Somewhere Only We Know. Actually, I only asked for any Keane song, but at that moment I decided, well, the heck with it. I was thinking along the lines of Everybody's Changing since they have it too, but she insisted it had to be this one. As the song played, I can't help but imagine Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, and wonder whether she really is a special person to me, because lately, it didn't seem to be. I don't even know what to do.

And if you have a minute, why don't we go talk about it somewhere only we know...

At the very end, right before the stinger, the reiteration that it is, after all, my fault.

"A beautiful song," Kelly said, "for beautiful..."

And your responses...

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