I thought you would, but you never did

(I don't really have to say this, but this entry is entirely fictional. I just thought of the title, that's all!)

I'm typing this in on the off chance that you would actually read this. I mean, I think you always delete my emails, without even bothering to read them, and that makes me feel uncomfortable. I shouldn't probably bother typing this in, then.

But, oh well, I already have.

Isn't it funny? I just noticed that almost everything has happened but us talking. I know, I know, I said hello before and you said hello back, and that's all that happened. There were a few emails, and fewer of those, you replied to. Actually that's being unfair to you, because most of the emails I was talking about, I never really sent. I never bothered to. I presumed I shouldn't.

But let me clear things up. You may be cute, but I don't really like you. Well, I think I should, because that's why I said hello in the first place, but I guess when you know more about a person, you realize whether you've made the right assumptions or not. Please don't think I'm into the superficial, because actually, I have other concerns too. I like people that are genuinely nice, and although that you seem to be, I cannot really tell. I don't really know you, that's one.

You do have a way to charm people, and the most surprising thing is, you manage to do so through those emails. So it's the written word, then? That one to charm me? I end up expecting for a reply, thinking that I will have a fun time reading again, but heck, that never really happens. I'm actually having more fun talking to your friends now, all of which I probably wouldn't meet if I didn't, err, stalk you in the first place. In fact, they're probably more interesting than you are. So maybe I should thank you then.

Here goes. Thank you. Now this is going to be my last email. I won't ask for your phone number because it will be useless, I definitely presume. Just go on, then, and delete this, for all I care.

And your responses...

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