Before eviction

I can't believe this. In a couple of hours I'll be leaving this hotel room, and into what possibly is the biggest challenge of my life. It's been hard keeping this a secret to all of my friends, but what the heck? They may think I'm a weirdo, but the pay-off should be great. I mean, people will finally notice me - as in whenever I walk by Alabang Town Center, they will point at me and say, wasn't he the guy on TV?

There was nothing to do in the hotel room, so I decided to grab a newspaper and actually read it. Well, if the point of this entire thing is isolation, I might as well stock up on things. People shouldn't think I'm stupid. I should read up! I saw this full-spread ad, full of color, really attracts attention, and then I realized that I am in it. Oh, I was one of those guys with a paintbrush, with my back to the camera, being mysterious and all. I'm that close to finally letting go of the secret! I no longer have to tell them I won't be available for this and that. Even better, I don't have to watch myself with a pixelated face! My identity will no longer be a secret!

Aren't these guys great? I mean, look at me! I'm pretty lanky compared to my friends, but here, I'm pretty buffed up! I mean, my arms look better! I wonder how they did that? And the others - oh, they also have their backs turned. Ooooh, mysterious. The guys, they're buffed up, too! They must look handsome - and I mean, really handsome. Sounds like competition to me.

And the girls? Now that's something. The one to my left, she seems sweet, with her straight hair, pretty slim figure and all. I hope she is pretty. I actually want to meet her. I can actually see it - us talking near the pool, and the cameras see us. Maybe we'd be the next big thing. Who knows? Maybe we'd be a thing in the end. Oooh, maybe I should work on it! Try my best to get the girl, because that's what I'm pretty much supposed to do, right? Like the others who've been before me?

Oh, but the girl to my right - she's got sexy back! I mean, just look at her! She's not facing me, but maaan, she is sexy. Her hair, her really curly hair, the way it falls on her back. Her back, leading down to... I don't really want to say this, but her ass looks nice. Really! Maybe it's the way she posed for this one, but I hope things don't disappoint me.

In fact, looking at the photos, everybody looks interesting. One poses better than the other, and then there's this kid that's lanky and all. I think he'll be evicted first. Maybe I should evict him! Make him do all these mistakes and get him blamed in the end. He stands beside this girl who really knows how to sway. But not that I'm sexual or anything. Call me appreciative, but what can you do if, for the next hundred days, you'll be surrounded with these pretty women?

I should keep watch over myself. It says here, look - fifty cameras! I will look stupid, especially if people think I'm just hitting on the ladies, which isn't all that I intend to do. Of course, I think long-term. Maybe this thing will really get me to new heights. Maybe a television appearance or two, maybe a singing career, and who knows? Tomorrow, I'm the model on a billboard. With only my underwear. That'd take long - maybe just with jeans first, because that looks sexy still. Anything, as long as people notice me.

In fact, at this point I'm more excited than anxious, because it seems everything will go well. I love these guys! They did talk about the drama of the youth? Drama of my life? Reality? This is what happens to me anyway. This is my reality!

And that, my friends, is a cynical look at what will happen in around a half-hour's time. It happens on your television, for the next four months. Now sing with me...

And your responses...

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