"That doesn't quite describe the experience"

At the very end of the blog entry, she had one last shoutout. "By the way, I have extra tickets for awards night on Sunday. I'll give you two. Bring a friend!"

When I saw that, I somewhat blushed. After I wounded my way to Karylle, I got myself tickets! From one of the actresses! They were tickets to the Cinemalaya awards night, and it was something that I found exciting myself, after having watched a couple of films, including the opening of the film festival itself. There was also, of course, me trying to make a feature out of it for our (terrible?) newscast project, so if my involvement has gone deeper, then maybe it's better that I get to the very end!

Then again, we were shooting for feature class. The date was set a month ago, and at this point there's nothing that could stop the shoot from happening. The screenplay that Clarence and I wrote was finalized long ago, and all we had to do was get the equipment and get going. The two tickets would go nowhere, then.

I sent Karylle a private message on Multiply. Basically, I was asking her to text me the results, as I was keen to blog about it, and Jason wanted to go with me too. I even had to assure her that nothing will happen to her phone number - at this point, I probably had contact details of some who have appeared on television, and months after that, a lot of luminaries themselves, if only for school. When I finally sent the message, I felt pathetic. Oh, celebrities.

The awards night happened on the last day of the shoot. Bulacan is a long trip, if you consider that we're taking public transportation, plus a big bag of clothing and other essentials. When Ariane and I finally rode the buses that go to Las PiƱas, I saw the lights at the CCP Main Theater, no longer expecting a text message, nor a chance to watch the show. I wasn't dressed for the occasion, obviously, and it was late anyway. Plus, I was on the bus, wanting to sleep more than applaud!

I got a message from Karylle two days after the awards night. Apparently entrance to the event was free, too, like the opening itself. In fact, Jason got to watch the awards night and was telling me the results. I was reading the message and was starting to feel weird all over - there I was, reading an email from a popular personality, and replying about the potential hypertrophic scar that had to survive the elements.

The last line I said? "See you around din! And God bless!"

I had the urge to read through my old private messages, and consequently reminisce about my old adventures. I'm halfway done with the requirements, with the investigative report set for tomorrow, and the rest after this blog entry gets done. I looked at my calendar and remembered that it's Karylle's birthday today, so I sent her another private message. Just a greeting, like the many other people who posted something on her guestbook, but I felt I had a story to tell.

"Kwento ko lang, me and two of my friends are also finished with thesis. A short film."

It was something like a throwback to the first thing I told Karylle when I invariably showed up in front of her "[temporary] scalper job" and went on about my experience.

"Niko mentioned that he'd write about tonight's experience and submit it as [an] entry for next year's Cinemalaya. The new breed, part two."

I obviously haven't, but even if I don't really see myself working in film in the near future, it's definitely a head start. A freaky head start, if you ask me, because it involved terrible wounds, a lot of eager listeners, and everything else in between. Finding this beneath current requirements was already a funny thing because, well, I suddenly can't believe it happened.

Oh, but it did. It's funny. It's definitely strange. But it happened.

And your responses...

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