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Sometimes, vague explanations are all that one can tell another. He can hide the true reasons, but he'll try his best to tell her what he really means, even if it's hard.

But in that one case, he told her everything, even if he knows it's painful. What could be more painful than the truth? Regardless of whether it's hatched five minutes ago, or built through deliberate efforts, there's always something with it that will somehow hit a snag, whether it happens or not.

He knew it'll hurt, but he told her anyway.

"I'm not happy with this. Let's call this off."

She was there before. She saw the world with a different gleam in her eye, one that always made her feel that nothing good will come out of everything she does. Maybe it was just a series of hopes, lucky strikes and plain ingenuity that got her to where she is now - open-eyed, eager, and ready to infect the world with what she has.

But the truth hurts. There she was, confronted with his version, not really sure of what to say. Well, it's happened already. It always works out in the end, when one realizes that all is not lost, and everything will soon be well. Maybe this is one of those things.

"But... you're wrong! That isn't the case. It never was that way."

The offensive has begun.

True, it's been a happy relationship, one that has gone through its ups and downs, and they've thankfully gone through it pretty fine. As much as he believed the world will always find a way to bring everybody down, she's got something to counter it. She believes that everything happens for a reason; that eventually, one will know why things happen. It always has this sort of cosmic connection. He never believed that kind of rhetoric, but look where that got them.

"Haven't I done enough?"

He knew it'd come to this. He didn't really want to let go of it. Why let go of such a good thing, one thing that you'll probably never have again? It's starting to turn to regret, to discomfort, to a sense of the world collapsing under you. There it goes again.

"It's painful, really."

She can't believe it.

Sometimes, vague explanations are all that one can tell another. Then again, it depends on whoever listens. He tried to tell everything, but obviously he himself was hurt by what's happening; he had to stop it before it could eat him alive. She probably thought it was all a bunch of silly jokes pulled on her. Besides, it's a week since April Fool's, and he's never done something like that. She likes jokes. It makes the world happy, she thinks.

It's been a week, and it obviously isn't a joke.

The aim was to reach something amicable, but obviously it hasn't worked. Things just happen, he thought, and when the world rushed to get him, he quickly ran without any explanations. For her, there must be something, but she didn't get that something. All she had were three words, and four more, the last words he said before he left.

"Nobody gives a damn."

Well, she's still the happy person she was when they first met. Believing that it comes from the inside sure has helped. However cynical one can get from the headlines, she still comes out strong, with a smile in her face and, maybe, her heart in her sleeve.

But he has never been happier. Finally free from the constraints that has held him down for so long, he no longer feels alone, even if he was the one who left. You aren't really happiest when you're with someone, he now believes, especially if things are no longer what they used to be.

He managed to smile when he turned the radio on. There's no time to cry, happy, happy...

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