At least initially

Come in and have fun. Welcome to the frantic world of socialization.

It just happens. The fun thing is, it's spontaneous. The bad thing is, you have to know what really is happening. In short, you have to be there from the very start.

The moment you step in, it will seem very, very well. You might know some people, and you might be willing to meet new ones. You can do this, you can do this...

...not really. It's a blur.

You can just sing. Baby girl, I'm a blur.

It just flies so fast, you can't even find anything to hang on to. You get in and they flip. You get in again and they flip again. Find a spot, and you'll never keep track.

Problem is, you started it in the first place. That's how you think. That's how it will end up.

And in this case, it will end with you feet out of the door, and nothing really gained.

Goodbye to the frantic world of socialization. That's why sometimes it's so much better being alone. You never really have to worry about anything... at least initially.

And your responses...

Hi Niko! Sure, you can link to my blog. I'll add a link to yours as well, if you don't mind. :)

And yes, it's sometimes better to be alone at first. But you need to socialize eventually. Connections, connections, if you know what I mean. :D

Blogger Adette5/21/2008     

hi kuya. thanks for dropping by. i like how you said that, maple syrup on the pancakes. for me, it doesn't really matter where you met them as long as they're there. but i have to admit and agree with you, sometimes it's better to be a loner at times. we need those times of peace and quiet and meditation - even in our blogs ^^ even i prefer the peace and quiet ^^

Blogger Raine5/21/2008     

Well, at the expense of sounding cheesy and unoriginal, I'd say that the only way to figure out what you want is by not having it at first. But well, you really need a bit of both. There's sanity to be found in being alone. Usually, that is.

Having said that, I wonder if there's some decoding to be done. :P

Anonymous Anonymous5/22/2008     

I really admire the way all of you write. I know I'm still quite far from the real thing. Perhaps I will live and keep living, and blogging, with that belief. Hehe.
Anyway, it's up to you to link to my blog. I don't mind at all. In fact, the first time someone requested to link, I never imagined there was such an etiquette in the blogosphere. So do you mind if I link to you too? By the way, since you asked, I'm a Salve.
And thanks for that not-another-ARCHULETA-fan comment. Heee. Good day!

Blogger Raine5/24/2008     

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