Birds of the same feather flock together.

Well, that's what they say. People tend to attract similar people, whatever facet it may be. Perhaps it's the need to find someone that will agree with you, or argue with you in a limited capacity, if that's what you want. How that happens remains a mystery - one time you're starting the conversation, and another time you're just surprised things happen - but it's one of those things that we're probably better off not figuring out, because we wouldn't anyway.

The dominant order favors groups. Be alone, and you get trounced upon. Luckily for us, it's very easy to start a group for ourselves. Its success is a complete different question, sure, but at least you'll end up having someone to relate to, if you do things the "right" way. Then again, like before, there's no actual way of getting it done; everything revolves around finding the right people, convincing the right way, and having the tennis ball go ahead even if it snags the net. Oh yes, it's a reference.

Get it done, and you'll probably be cruising along. Being in a group is perhaps the best feeling you'll ever have - a sense of euphoria that words cannot describe, or perhaps because I haven't really approximated it. It's going to be confusing, but it's going to work out fine for you. That's how it works. You'll never feel a thing as the group grows.

They never really tell you about a snag in the end. One is bound to step up, and another is bound to challenge everything. One is bound to say things, and another is bound to disagree with it. One is bound to do something stupid, and another is bound to shut him off completely. Yet they'll only be willing to tell you that everything is working out fine. Hey, it's a group! Two heads are better than one. They'll make things work. That's why they're together in the first place. Cliché overload, I say, and a load of crap at the same time.

It might work, and it always doesn't at the end, but why do we still flock together? Something common, they say, is all we need. Maybe there'll be someone who will decide against the grouping, because it just isn't interesting enough. Maybe there'll be someone who's successfully infiltrated something completely out of the usual. There will still be stories that defy logic, but there's always the reality - they will not tell you everything, It's always up to you to read the fine print, and "the fine print within the fine print" - now that's another reference - and if not, well, fend for yourself. You're dead.

Then again, birds of the same feather flock together. Gospel truth, that one.

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