Hitchhikers allowed

I found myself staring at last night's record-breaking (again) conference. Things were at break-neck speed, but I eventually found my footing after breathing for ten minutes and stepping in again at the right moment. In the middle of a million unsuccessful call attempts, Lizette suddenly sent me a message.

"Let's mind commute. Unless you're super busy."

I guess nobody knows about my fourth blog. Lizette and I hatched the idea thirteen months ago, while she was in her summer job, and I was in a fit of summer idleness. The idea was a he-said-she-said blog, complete with pseudonyms (which prove useless since, even if you don't know about the existence of this blog, you'll find out that the two of us are behind it). We'd make entries over Yahoo! Messenger and I'd paste everything onto the window, edit for style requirements, and upload everything.

But maintaining a blog that goes like that is hard. It also happened before, when Issa left Which Baby blogging duties after two months. In this case, both of us became so busy, to the point that giving time to talk - or perhaps ramble - about the world became a tedious thought. Months after the last entry materialized, I simply told Lizette: "The Mind Commute has been mothballed."

Last night - or technically this morning - we were at it again.

I guess we both didn't have anything to do. I absolutely thought the blog would just go the way of every other abandoned blog in the world; I even thought of archiving the posts elsewhere and deleting the blog altogether. But last night, I was surprised to see her ask for an entry - I usually did that - and for a split-minute, found myself without anything to talk about. Well, that's usually the case, but I always start the blog entries. This time, she did.

We started talking about the weather. Thirty minutes later, we were already discussing truth - subtle political commentary, perhaps? - and she was signaling her intentions to sleep. "End na?" she asked in parenthesis. I simply obliged.

"Oh, but today is that tomorrow you're talking about," bumbling Sir Uhm-a-lot said.

"Indeed," unusually un-snotty Miss Snotty replied.

And that was the end of it.

I tried to remember the password to the blog. We both know the password, but perhaps she's forgotten about it, too - what can a year of life-changing events, or whatever poses as such, do to things you don't work on? Eight clicks later, Lizette sent something else in parentheses.

"Morning, dude. Cheers to one year of not doing this... tulog na ako!"

I was wonder whether Lizette was up to something. It felt like we were up to something.

"Oh yes, one year," I replied. "Good night!"

There's something with finding out about stuff you've (almost) totally abandoned. In moments when you can't be content with what you have, and complain about it endlessly, I think you're better of trying to remember about the things you used to have, but threw out along the way. There's a lot of it, definitely. Find one of them, have fun, and realize what you've been missing for the past few time periods of your life. In this case, though, I'll let it be.

"Ikaw na mag-post," she said, before finally logging out.

Then again, I always am the one who posts these things.

And your responses...

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