Lovers again

I think he's come back. I think he wants me back.

Should I be doing this? I mean, it's just a phone call... just saying hi, nothing more.

It's been a while since we separated. I don't even know why we split up. I guess things happened way too fast.

I actually miss the conversations.

It was nice, us talking over the phone. So many stories, so many memories... I can't believe there are so many memories.

I had a laugh last night. One time she stuttered when all she wanted to say was 'thank you'...
He wouldn't live it down!

But she said yes, huh? I was surprised. I thought she wasn't open to these things. I mean, she never seemed like it. She was always head-on, very determined, and what she wants, she always gets.

I guess I had nothing else to do. I miss that feeling, you know, blushing for no apparent reason...

Maybe I shouldn't fuss.

We should've done this elsewhere. He's waiting at the door! Ringing my doorbell! Again!

At least I didn't bring flowers. I mean, if I did, it would've meant something else. But that's too much thinking, isn't it? Conversation. Conversation. Catching up.

Isn't he thoughtful?

The second time's always easier.

He still knows that? Wow. I mean, really. Woooow.

I wonder what she thinks.

"Me? I'm just... I can't believe we're talking about this!"

Why did we split up in the first place? I can't even remember. It's just this one line from her, and nothing else. I never got to really talk things over since that.

I thought he wouldn't do this, but he did.

Oh, but I never really got over that.

I shouldn't have done it in the first place.

Should I bother asking?

I hope there's a second chance.

And your responses...

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