Mayday! Mayday!

I was supposed to write something else, but I guess the feeling is gone until the next trip to the cinema.

So, right now, I'm chatting with Mon. She just told me she's taking a blogging break - something about letting her thoughts cook rather than serve them raw. But you know us two. I start, she continues, and heaven knows what happens next.

"Sinabawang Monica."

"Sinigang na Monica."

"Yum! Tinolang Monica... nilagang Monica... menudong Monica... sinampalukang Monica... paksiw na Monica... binagoongang Monica?"


"Ano pa... Monica fritters!"

"Monica-cue! Monicue?"

"Tinuhog sa barbecue stick! Monicue!"

"Mon ala pobre? Mon sticks. Mon balls."

"Dinuguang Monica. Pocherong Monica."

"Mon at dinuguan."



"Mon salad. Stuffed crust Mon pizza. Mon cordon bleu."

"Cordon Mon! Or cormon bleu!"

"California Mon."

"California Moni! Tempumon. Whatwhat..."

"Mon and chips. Leche Mon."

"Parang mura."

"Exactly! Uhm... kilawing Mon. Nilasing na Mon."

"Nilasing na himon!"

"Lechong Mon. Roast Mon - mas sosy."

"Lengua de Mon!"

"Ano pa kaya?"

"Wala na akong maisip."

Two weeks into our holiday, and already we're getting bored to death. Maybe our last bouts with that, before we are welcomed by the real world by getting smacked in the behind, and we're going to hate our lives - but seriously, now. Why process it?

People love reality shows for a reason: it's supposed to be real. Genuine reactions, genuine situations, genuine storylines... yes, storylines - why else would they need a team of story writers?

Why would we need to cheat ourselves of what's really happening?

Nah, I'm not saying Mon's escaping it - of course, writing very raw emotions makes things complicated. I got through that, too. Plus, it hurts the gut and gets you salmonella of a different kind. I almost lost stuff too, you know. So I understand where that goes, although of course that'd mean I've one less thing to read.

But what should we do? Either makes things worse, but people seem to not like both options. Then again, get real, or get it canned first?

Billie Jean... pasok!

And your responses...

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