Nevada according to Raisa (or Manila according to Georgina)

"Eh... that's more surfer dude than girl," Raisa went. I imagined her pointing a finger at me.

It's hard speaking like a girl, especially if you're not one. Although obviously we've been playing at stereotypes - what more after reality shows like The Hills and your experience with such girls - the conference was, for the past two hours or so, dominated with girl talk. Choose your pick - American, cockney, gay. I hate to trounce on stereotypes, but perhaps that is the point.

But what's funny, really? Right here we're pouncing on those stereotypes, perhaps because we hate it, or because we can't do anything about it. "I know, right?" hasn't been a buzzword yet, but before I could launch that, we slowly started moving to the parlor. Kently and I - as Kenna and Nika, respectively - have had a hard time keeping up with the lingo. But, then again, it's still ongoing. The girls are in, but we're all keeping up with the gender flip.

Raisa and I, though, are having something a little bit more earnest. Our discussions about the art of acquiring cockney accents flipped to one about American propaganda. Flipped to global warming, all the hoopla, and a biology lesson from a biology student with a biology exam while I sleep. Flipped to the weather - such a safe topic! - and to Filipinos making a living in Las Vegas. Flipped to comfort food, more so for one who is away from her home most of the time.

I guess where you are and what you've been up to makes all the difference.

What more can one with a summer-squished mind do? Perhaps it's all that matters. We couldn't think straight, thus we're all having a funny time at the conference, making some sense and no sense altogether. Joogie, for example, christened Ed as Ehra, in the tradition of girly names - "baby's got back! Baby's got rack!" - and it's still somewhat tonight's little centerpiece. On another window in my desktop, I'm somehow having a hard time keeping up with all those invasive plants and fire-resistant plants, and why the Bush administration is doing something wrong. Well, that's what her club thinks - why they would rather focus on whaling than global warming, because everybody else already gives too much of a damn about it.

I've already said this before - the world is smaller, thanks to a CRT screen. They've done it with two, making the Atlantic and the Pacific more like buddies in the park, but now you see the difference. Back home, we're worrying about rice; elsewhere, they're probably worrying about, well, who knows? A marriage without a pre-nup?

And while my conversation with Raisa starts to crumble, thanks to something starting to disappear, I start to think about why mindsets can be so different. Well, the flowers are out in the desert and she enjoys it, and perhaps she's busy with so much right now - more so than me, at this moment or ever, even - and as she tells me about why she and her friends go doing nature-related stuff, I wonder why nobody managed to pick something like this up.

Perhaps it's in where we are, and why it happens - which is why we've ended the gay talk, when it all thankfully died down, and why we're now talking about public speaking in school clubs. And if it all confuses you, think of it as a reheated breakfast burrito. It's supposedly a kaleidoscope, but distinct enough to tell - until you take a bite, or take it for a spin.

Raisa's YM seems to be dropping out at the moment, and the conference has slowed down with discussion about sore throats and colds. (Come to think of it... never mind.) I start thinking about the glass of water beside me before I realize it's empty. And the world, perhaps, is a better place when we make sense of all these bits and pieces, and make sure they work together, rather than just sitting and watching.

"Yeah, I was [in Los Angeles] last week but for [a] dorm field trip," she typed in earlier, explaining why she might not meet Zet. "MOA na lang tayo," she suddenly went. Niko, Raisa, Zet, and all those photographs.

I must really be bored. I seem to like the idea.

And your responses...

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