Samantha's almost-sibling

The two of us together. Don't we look alike?

Almost siblings, in fact.

You pose fairly nice here. I mean... you look really, really young. Thus, we look almost siblings.

But almost, well, it never is almost. Without you, I wouldn't be wondering about us, and you wouldn't have to be so far away. You wouldn't have to do all of this - what do we call this, madness?

Madness it isn't, definitely. Without that I'd probably not be here wondering about us.

Something good will come out of this, they say.

I figure that. I have more than them. You can attest to that. More stuff to play with. More stuff to contend with. Much more times of failure, and although those phone calls are heaven-sent, I still feel lost here.

The two of us together. Will it ever happen?

Phone calls are heaven-sent, but they obviously aren't enough. Thirteen years, and I'm still waiting for the day when you will make me much more younger than I really am. For that long, I haven't felt it. And maybe that's all I need to finally find my way.

Please come home...

And your responses...

Niko!!! I love this entry!! :'))

Anonymous Anonymous5/11/2008     

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