There's no better way to get started on tomorrow than by getting started on today, so I might as well provide some tips.

Talk to someone. Now that's basic: they say human beings are social beings, so why not start a conversation and not keep it on the original topic? Get that mobile phone of yours and start texting. Better yet, pick up the phone and call, provided meeting up is impossible. Just don't call the wrong number.

Get writing. Mon and I were chatting last night, and she said she's pretty amazed at why I still get to write despite an obvious lack of material. I'm contending that my entries are starting to not make sense, but nothing gets your mind working that getting down in front of a computer and writing, or better yet, getting pen and paper. You can start with word dumps and progress towards exquisitely-crafted essays about the need for world peace.

Get reading. If you run out of books in the family's book shelf (that someone calls a "library"), then start picking up books you'd otherwise not read. My sister's been complaining about this, so my dad suggested she read his business management books. She refused, but I have started. You'll never know what you'll pick up and apply in your life.

Get surfing. I think everybody knows that the Internet is a world of possibility. Just take to heart that you're in the lowest depths of boredom when you've started browsing Friendster. That, or if you've started reading your old textbooks.

Get excited over something. That doesn't have to happen anyway.

Don't just start a new hobby; rediscover an old one. If you were the soprano at your school choir - you know who you are - then you're better off singing again. Just remember that everything starts in the bathroom. It provides the right mix of privacy and bad acoustics, and lets you effectively critique yourself. Even if the hobby doesn't involve your voice, just start in the bathroom. It's wet, and anything that's wet is good...

Watch what you don't watch. I guess that means David Archuleta, or this.

Follow someone's own Koreanovela. And that means assiduously following one person's life - or two, if you're lucky - and writing about it elsewhere. Do color commentary, do insensitive comparisons, and make sure you tell everyone that your life is so much better. That would backfire in many ways, though. First, you'll seem as if you're a wuss - no life, very bored, not good. Second, it'd be weird to see someone's gossip on another place. I can't vouch on that, though.

Start talking about yourself. Raisa's example: "we talk so much about random stuff... time to turn the attention on youuu!"

Know when to end the conversation. Still Raisa's example: "I should sleep."

Start attaching elaborate names to elaborate plans. Sleeping on an air flight sounds much more exciting when you give it a name like, say, Operation Pacific Slumber. There's even an opportunity for some political commentary on that one.

Imagine. People will never live in peace, but you can be with your crush forever.

Finally, tell people you're bored. It's not just you. It's everybody else. Personally, though, I've only told this to Sam, around a million times. It always takes some imagination, and some lies, to give yourself a boost to your ego, or as Lizette called it before, as much as I'm uncomfortable saying this, "ego masturbation."

But perhaps you're better off getting started on tomorrow the way they want you to, and that's taking out a loan at the bank. Nothing's better than finishing your semi-isolation stage with a new car.

And your responses...

So does that mean I can call you an ARCH ANGEL now? Hahahah! Insert evil grin.

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