"Wah, you're Facebook-ing"

Finally, I've sent a job application.

And yes, that's all there is to it.

Oh, wait. Cover letters. Or, in my case, cover emails. How in the world would a certain company's human resources manager be amused by seeing an email from a stranger that only contains an attached resumé? Of course, you've got to state your intentions, or else you seem like a shove-off, and just that.

I'm twenty-two chapters into reading The Dilbert Principle. Yes, that's how slow things have become; I've started reading business management books! Then again, if you're familiar with the comic strip, then you'll realize that the book is satirical, but true to some extent, or hysterically true. Basically, it says that the most ineffective workers are "systemically moved to the place where they can do the last damage" - and that place is management. And if you think this is a joke, then, it is - that, and it's recommended reading in business schools!

There's this chapter about business communications, and basically it's about those terms and why they sound so good - and why they sometimes particularly fail. Thus, I found myself staring in front of the monitor, trying to write a cover letter that says what I want to say. So what's another word for abilities? I can't use talents... oh, right! Proficiencies!

Thus, the email had that word. As deep as it may sound - and scary, perhaps - it's there. Proficiencies.

I may have started late, but at least I'm making the most of things, or so I want to think. I know Jackie's got three applications with responses, and Jose's got a job, but right now I'm not really rushing. Think about this: we're young, as Zay told me earlier. We're not even graduating - at least not yet. It's also weird to think of me, a nineteen-year-old, this bent on getting a job, when some might say I have the whole world before me.

So, bored me struck a consensus with bored Zay: let's bum slightly.

I think that's the simplest explanation why I'm chatting with Anna now through, of all things, Facebook.

"Wait, what on earth is this?" she asked.

"Facebook Messenger. Simply put... YM on Facebook, like GMail has GTalk," I replied. It takes so long to send a reply - you actually have to wait. So much for instantaneous.

"Cool then," Anna answered back. "My Facebook's pretty empty. I just accept invites."

How much time do we still have on our hands again?

And your responses...

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