"Who will be the next..."

It's unusual for me to be online on a Friday night, but rightfully so. It's supposed to be my last hurrah at summer, as Daniel put it; one last push to make the vacation all worthwhile. Everybody knows that, in our case, it only lasts a month, thanks to students back in the 80s wanting to graduate early by speeding things up. What we don't get in holidays, we get in job opportunities.

So, tonight, while I ponder about what exactly I have done, and while battling urges to sleep - because it is late, and Friday nights are supposedly my catch-up-with-sleep time - I'll try to remember the things that made this summer vacation a good time to catch up on, err, sleep, before classes begin on Monday...

...oh, wait a minute.

My sister's coming back to school on Monday. She's forced to go there by herself, since my father's in Germany for a week and isn't due until Thursday; she hates the idea, but hasn't really got a choice. I, on the other hand, saw my sense of time disappear after realizing that school openings aren't getting in the way of the American Idol final; for my past three years, I relied on text messages to know the winner's identity. All hell has broken loose. I'll be stuck at home.

Usually I should be preparing for my schedule at this point. I'll try sleeping early but end up sleeping late anyway, either because I'm not sleepy or just can't fall asleep. I should be thinking about what I will go through in the coming term, or in this case, the new school year. Activities, lessons, friends, seatmates, crushes, majors, what else? There'd usually be an anticipatory entry, perhaps an attempt to make a very witty entry to describe the scratchy but explosive concerns returning students have.

Oh, but instead I'm stuck in some sort of time warp. Rattled by the change of status - from student to unemployed, and officially so in less than a month, as I realized when I was trying to get on-air to no avail last Wednesday - I don't really know what to do next. Perhaps file a few job applications, and slack off and feel very much like a bum before graduation prep time beckons, but overall it promises to be very disorienting.

I'll still be back in school, though. I've been hired - hopefully with compensation, to be honest - to do some audio production for Chiqui's thesis, and of course, there's some school stuff. I'll be out and about in a little longer - and perhaps more frequently - but what happens after is very much uncertain. At least Monday night's got something to keep me sort of busy.

And your responses...

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