In blank dependence

A flick through the evening news and you'll sense the state of the world we live in. Our economies are failing because prices are rising. Prices are rising because of a war not everybody gives a damn about. To counter the rising prices, we start to work when everybody else is asleep, and our lives are at the mercy of economies halfway across the world. Is that what we call independence?

Another flick, this time through the entertainment channels, and you'll sense the state of the people you live with. Everybody poses with two fingers flashed beside their heads, grinning as widely as possible. Everybody wears the stuff they wear, more so if somebody from the newspaper said that it looks good on you, even if something inside you says it doesn't. Everybody goes to the clinic to have stuff frozen, or stuff blown to enormous proportions, or stuff removed to make things slicker, and when everything goes bad, you sue. Is that what we call independence?

They say there's so much that goes around in this world, and so much that we should be proud of. There are the famous people, and then there are the honest people, doing stuff against their will, perhaps expecting something big in return. There are the institutions - people still give a damn about institutions? - that supposedly give us the power to do things within reason, and yet people study hard just to find the loopholes. There's so much going on, and most of it we barely know, and when we walk around thinking we're finally able to do what our parents didn't want us to do, we find ourselves in a little conundrum. They might think this way, or they might think that way, and we end up clamming up instead. So why bother calling it like that?

Independence, theoretically, means us not relying on others. Thus, we should be able to determine for ourselves what is right and what isn't, and hopefully make a good judgment out of it. Oh, but we fail, because we're failures to start with, and we end up helping each other - a good thing, in theory - and end up being at the mercy of things that we know and don't know. Thus, the cliché that I hate to quote: "no man is an island."

Come to think of it. If you're trying to get up on your own feet, what exactly should you do? You want this but they'll disagree. You'll do this but they'll disagree. You'll say this but they'll kick you out for being so outspoken, for breaking the status quo, and you're left in the underground, with the rest who think they can be independent. No man is an island - again - and thus, you'll end up dead. Who said we were truly independent?

Oh, right, whoever said that ended up dead. Or deranged, perhaps, to the extent of thinking that things are one way when they aren't. Perhaps, positively, you can just add a syllable to independence - or, if all else fails, you just have to end it all, or risk walking around the mall feeling empty inside, because you can't really do anything without having to think over it. And let me guess - you'll say I'm wrong.

And your responses...

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