Ready for take-off

Anna Abola: She broke the mic stand and giggled her way to graduation. Marielle Antonio: She's quiet but she's a riot when you rediscover. Ariane Astorga: With a slight air of quirkiness and that authoritative feel.
Kris Balingit: Persistent. Very, very persistent. Niko Batallones: Perhaps the only thing he did is write, worry and imagine stuff. Trixia Deseo: Does everything in the background wonderfully.
Mimi Esteban: Proving that silence does pay off wonders. Jason Lopez: He's got the film knowledge, the right implementation, and the ego to boot. Edsel Mendoza: Accented, multi-faceted and with that swoony smile.
John Pangan: He knows what he wants, and he won't stop at anyone, even if it means scorning. Kat Pasigan: A colorful imagination pairs off her connection with what is pop. Jose Perfecto: Detailed, outspoken and larger than life.
Naomi Quimpo: She may be a year delayed, but she quickly settled and made her mark. Sars San Juan: Expect her to say something you wouldn't have thought about. Kaymee Santos: She's soft-spoken, but she'll leave you thinking when she has to.
Charmaine Tan: She's not what you think she is. She doesn't seem like it, either. Jackie Uy: Committed, dedicated, and everything else that rhymes with it. Malia Viardo: That laugh can trigger a thousand on buttons.

Get ready, so-called real world.

And your responses...

It's so convenient that you have solos of all of us :p

Hayy. Still in need of a job. Boo.

Anonymous Anonymous6/22/2008     

*waves to anna*
amazing ng post hehe. i look sooooo fat in that pic. why o why. and to think, hs batchmates read your blog hahaha.

Blogger Jacqueline Uy6/22/2008     

hi jackie :D

Anonymous Anonymous6/22/2008     

Did someone mention my name? (scratches chin) :P

So what's wrong if you look fat? Baka hindi ka lang photogenic - if you know what I mean (winks).

Anonymous Anonymous6/23/2008     

Wow! Very impressive solos you have there!

Congrats and see you in the real world.

Blogger jp6/23/2008     

napaka-dugyot ko naman sa picture! hahaha. :))

Blogger My Pink Office6/03/2009     

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