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Now, nobody can deny cookies. What they might be called may be a confusingly different thing - I'm (weirdly) no expert on what turns a cookie into a biscuit, a cake or a scone - but it's still something that you'd love to munch on, unless you've got guilt issues. You'd probably grab some while watching a DVD, or when you're in front of the computer, or when you're on the verge of saying "suicide is happiness," which I hope you're not taking literally.

And, surely, you have a favorite cookie. Perhaps you're into Chips Ahoy! and all its crumbly goodness. Perhaps you're into Oreo, perfectly following the twist-lick-dunk adage that has been the hallmark of their marketing for a long time. Perhaps you're into Mrs. Fields - and perhaps you can afford it. Perhaps you like something more homemade, and think of the process of whipping a batch up as more effective in beating stress than the consumption itself. Definitely, however, you've probably gone to the kitchen and, after seeing a dauntingly huge amount of packaging, you'll choose the one you love, over and over again.

One of my mother's friends whips up large batches of cookies and sells them. Of course, this means that we get to consume them when the supplies come. The batch that we just bought is a different one, since we haven't tried those oatmeal raisin cookies. The cookies have also become a sort-of venue for my reputation as a food critic. At one point I complained about the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies being less chewier, and my mother's friend knew instantly who said it.

In cookies, and in everything else, being a favorite means being agreeable to the one giving the favor. If you don't like the way the cookie crumbles (to quote Bruce Nolan) you end up choosing something else. In this case, I like those chocolate oatmeal cookies, but at one point I warmed to those double chocolate cookies that once made its way to the house. At the right moment, it's as chewy as brownies, and I was munching them throughout the first thesis term. Right now, though, there's a leftover batch stuck in the refrigerator, and nobody is taking notice, not even me - and it's merely waiting to be devoured with love again.

In this case, it's because, well, I've gotten tired of it. Maybe I munched too much, or maybe it's lost its brownie-ness, for lack of a better term. My mother sometimes reminds me about it, but it gets left there, because I think that eventually I won't feel satisfied, and I'll merely be ridden with guilt. Double the chocolate, double the death benefits?

While watching an episode of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide - that episode where the song Cowboy Cookie was blasted twice - I suddenly remembered those cookies. Well, in a fit of surrealism that marked the show's episodes, I wondered about what those freezing cookies would tell me whenever I go to the fridge and get something else. "Pick me! Pick meeee!" is an obvious answer, but perhaps it will try to sell itself. "I'm chewy when cold! I'm chewy when dipped in milk! I'm..." and then the door gets closed, and they get left behind again, after I set off with perhaps another favorite, like chocolate marshmallows.

And so we end up asking to be someone's favorite - or, at least, be favorable to someone. We end up choosing one thing over the other, and then getting so much (perhaps) from it while forgetting how good the others are. Now, this may sound like a very hasty resolution - a bad metaphor, if you will - but that's the way, well, the cookie crumbles. All we're asking for, perhaps, is love, and someone's not bound to get it, because of this reason or that reason or everything under the sun. The same goes with cookies - it gives us a very good feeling when it goes down. Otherwise it doesn't fly off the shops, and it doesn't show up in ovens across the world.

Now, while one cookie gets all the attention, I wonder how it feels to be the other cookie left behind? What more, if you were the past favorite?

And your responses...

favoritism is the keyword here..or maybe bias?? ah! ewan! :p

that's how the cookie crumbles! nakakagutom itong entry mo! :p

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