Playground politics

"Huwag mo na siya bati, ha."

It's perhaps a stalwart of grade school conversations, much more if you're new in it. One fights with the other, in what is then a very general definition of a fight, and then both would start recruiting other people. "Huwag mo na siya bati, ha." "Huwag mo na siya bati, ha." "Huwag mo na siya bati, ha." The cycle goes on and on, although in the end nothing really happens, because soon whatever altercation existed is forgotten, and it's as if nothing changed. Well, that happens most of the time.

Usually we don't really have a logical explanation behind our pleas. All we say is, "huwag mo na siya bati, ha" - and, when asked for an explanation, you merely shrug, "basta huwag mo na siya bati!" and, perhaps, leave exasperated and try to convince somebody else.

So, technically, all we want is an army. Obviously having people around you gives a sense of security, especially when all of you agree about one thing. And, believe me, there are groups that are formed because of a common adversary, or whatever can be called such - say, the opposition is against the administration, or my first lunch group during my frosh year is against Jom. There may not really be a reason, or those reasons may be terribly unclear, but at least you're with company. That's practically a license to bash the other side. Elementary students, however, aren't so lucky.

"Huwag mo na bati si Micky, ha," Andi would tell Lana, for example.

"Bakit?" Lana would ask.

"Basta," Andi would say. "Huwag mo nang bati si Micky."

"Ayoko," Lana would answer. "Friends kami, eh."

Annoyed, Andi would leave and go to someone else. Say, she goes to Kel.

"Huwag mo na bati si Micky, ha," Andi would tell Kel. "Pati na rin si Lana."

So it becomes a matter of getting names to side with you, even if there really is no basis for doing so. More often than not, these kids stick to someone because they're scared of losing them. I'd give them the chance - the world was simpler, after all, and you can easily lose what you easily gained - because soon they will discover what it really means to believe in something, and actually fight for it, without looking ridiculous.

But the world nowadays isn't simple. Someone can do things under the table, under invisibility cloaks, under the radar, and perhaps under the most unreachable places. Eventually they'll push through, and one's going to be unlucky enough to carry the grunt. Well, and whoever else is associated with that person, too. So, perhaps, in this world you cannot trust anybody, because someone would find a way to make you the worst person who ever lived - and they'd go around and tell other people about it, tabulated or fabricated.

Since I wrote about this, it means it's happening to our world, too.

And your responses...

it brings back my childhood memories. haha

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