A step-by-step guide to infatuation

This entry is adapted from something that Carmel posted last night. Uncanny timing is all I can think of right now.

Day two. Perhaps after some deliberation, you decide to peek into that door again. Actually, you don't want to, but hey, you did it, and there she is, ceremoniously-tied-but-still-long hair and all. And then, you wonder about her identity. Her name, her status - yes, that comes up first. You're lucky if you know someone that knows her, although it will be very awkward if you come out of the blue and say something like, "kilala mo si Jenny, di ba?" With the knowledge that you have a common friend, you resort to the next best, but still very awkward, thing: online research.

Day five. You haven't got a choice, since she comes out of the door you're going to come into anyway. Then, she doesn't come out of the door, and you actually wonder about it.

Day seven. Now that you've spent a while, you actually start to notice. Perhaps you're thinking something along the lines of I can't help it, she's just so ubiquitous, but you've got observations you shouldn't have. Look at those eyes. Look at that smile. Look at the way she takes off her hair clip. Supposedly mundane details, suddenly somewhat glorified. While you snap out of it, you realize that something is, well, wrong.

Day ten. You're going home, trying to sleep on the bus, and then you think of her.

Day fifteen. Now that a friend knows and keeps on teasing you about it, you realize the depths of your recent actions. And, in a fit of confusion, you actually retrace your steps. I first saw Jenny in the classroom. Actually, I didn't know she was Jenny - I didn't know she was called Jenny - and as the days passed, well, it started. But, as always, it will remain just that. After you type that in a new blog entry of yours, you pay for the Internet time, and she bumps into you. You should've written about that possibility.

"Kilala mo pala si Aled?"

"Yup, blockmate ko siya eh. Since when mo pa siya kilala?"

"Naging classmates kami sa ano, sa... sa stat."

"Maayos naman sa stat?"

"Pwede na rin, pwede na rin..."

Day thirty-six. Now you're talking. What comes next?

And your responses...

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