Willing to wait

"Sir, ten minutes po. Okay lang?"

It's too late for me to think of something else to buy anyway, so I just nod my head.

The girl on the counter then shouts out the order. Server jargon, some number, and then, "willing to wait!"

I start to wonder how long that wait will be. Usually, when one says it'll take ten minutes, it doesn't take that long; everything's either an estimate or an automatic response. Nevertheless, it's worth the wait at the very least, since what I asked for - usually what I wished to have for hours - comes in. Sure, it might take only ten to fifteen minutes for me to finish my food, but it doesn't feel as frustrating.

And, obviously, it doesn't always go that way.

With the way things are going, we're always asked to wait things out. "Hindi pwedeng sugod ka ng sugod," my driving instructor said. "Kailangan titignan mo muna paligid mo." And that applies to everything else, from political decisions to cooking to operating the microwave oven. Despite images on television that encourage us (to put it gently) to do what we feel right then and there, reality says otherwise

Then again, it's television. What's left to believe? It's the world where everything happens as planned - in the end, after you've so-called waited and so-called seen so-called everything, you'll so-called act. Of course, there's nothing left to be believed in, but the message somehow still manages to be clear.

"Malay mo, it's time na," Majet said, partly in jest. "It's about taking risks din kasi, eh."

"That's the problem," I answered. "I think it is time. Like, I think it's time I really start, err, saying what I feel. Something I've never done. Partly kasi takot, partly kasi..."

I thought for a bit. Majet could wait for a split-second, I presumed. "...hindi sigurado."

"Kung takot lang din, kailangan mong tumapang kahit 'onti," she answered. "Kasi baka pagsisihan mo balang araw na nagpapalagpas ka ng chances."

It starts getting deeper, as anticipated.

"Pero ano bang hindi nakakatakot sa mundo? Lalo na kung feelings yung pag-uusapan. Kasi sobrang personal nun eh."

"Diyan na ako naguguluhan," I conceded. "I mean... again, like I said before. Sa sobrang daming dapat i-consider, hindi mo alam ang uunahin."

"Ang hirap kasi, nahahati ka minsan," Majet replied. "Rational side and emotional side. Tapos 'pag naging rational ka, iha-hassle mo sarili mo. 'Pag emotional ka naman, makaka-hassle ka ng ibang tao. Oh well."

I'd usually say here that waiting is a good thing - more often than not, people stumble when they run fast rather than walk slow. But, again, there's sense in waiting only when you're absolutely certain that it will come. Otherwise, you'd be exasperated at looking stupid, just sitting there, wide-eyed about the possibilities that never deliver.

For the more complicated things, however, you're in a tough pickle, as Ariane would say. There are things where you're supposedly clueless about the result, but you wait anyway, armed with expectations, and only expectations. What about that?

"Chances are," I said, "I'll never probably meet that person, the person who is really made for me, and the person I think is the right one is perhaps a product of my imagination, or my desperation."

"Pero malay natin," Majet countered. "Ako minsan bitter ako, pero siyempre umaasa rin ako minsan. Kahit... ewan ko. Walang sense?"

"Ay, parehong-pareho. Nakakapagod lang umasa. Mahirap maging pasensyoso palagi."

Unlike fastfood, when they say you're willing to wait, they won't let you wait any longer. Everywhere else, either they do, or you do.

"Yun nga lang," Majet conceded. "Endless torture."

And your responses...

I heard that sometimes, you just have to take one and stick with it with no regrets. And that you can't have anything unless you're willing to risk everything. And that if you keep doing what you've always done, you'll always have what you've always got; so if you want something that you never had, maybe you need to do something you've never done (wonders about the grammar). Oh, and who can forget that famous shoe ad: "Just do it!"

All that just to tell you that, well, give it a shot for once. Shake things up a bit. Hey, you'll never know when you'll get lucky. :D

Heck, you can just do it for reference, para next time, alam mo na kung anong mas magandang gawin: kung maghihintay ka ba o hindi. (Yes, that's the suckiest advice I ever gave. Inherent cynicism creeping in.)

Anonymous Anonymous7/30/2008     

Niko naman!
Yesterday my clinical instructor told us, "Walang himala sa mundong ito. Walang mangyayari kung hindi ka gagalaw."
That applies to all of us.
Sometimes you really have to take risks and be vulnerable. It's hard not to expect, but it can make you feel depress.
You have to keep on hoping,
but hope is nothing if you don't take action. ^^

Blogger Lizette7/31/2008     

in this world, we have to take risks. And if wait and wait, nothing will happen.

Anonymous Anonymous7/31/2008     

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