On the basis of having your ego stroked, I shouldn't be complaining. It's another blogging renaissance! I used to think I churned out my best blog entries in May every year, but for some reason I feel good about everything I've been writing lately. Sure, consider the work load, the wonky Internet access, the aimless stories and the mushy brain caused by writing nineteen profiles every day. But I guess I've been pushing the envelope myself lately, even if I've been writing about the same things almost consistently, and the readers seem to like what they're reading, too.

I remember that time during summer vacation when Dexter moved blogs, and I found myself somewhat colliding with Adette, who was posting comments on Shale Campaigns previously, and Raine. After a customary blog entry where we ended up chatting, I ended up getting comments from two or three of them on one blog entry, and perhaps with Lizette in tow, too.

Being someone with too much time on my hands to observe, I'm no longer surprised at this so-called surge. It happens, especially when one just found my site and ends up replying on the next few entries before suddenly disappearing. At least people find the time to read through my convoluted thought bubbles... or do they?

For the past two months, I seem to have received quite a load of new visitors who are more than willing to be vocal about dropping by. After Niña managed to rave about my entries, and Dee found things interesting, I started getting a truckload of viewers, most definitely from the same expanded circle of online connections. There's Canada-based Diandra, States-bound Rae, Firefox-flipping Alyn, blog-rediscoverer Jhie... and that's only those who I got back to and exchanged links with.

But that's not what struck me the most, though. Niña's only fifteen and is worrying about college. Ella's only twelve and is worrying about high school. The guy who last tagged, Joshua, found me through Ella; he's also twelve. Oh, and I should give an obligatory mention to 13-year-old Samantha, the original youngster.

"Ang dami kong bloghoppers," I told her. "Puro bata."

"Pansin ko nga," she simply retorted.

"I feel childish," I said. "Or is everybody else getting very mature for their age?"

I somehow feel obliged to think that way. I've got these readers who are saying they like what I write, that they can relate to it somehow, that they find it deep. "Then again, baka nalalaliman lang sila kasi nineteen ako at twelve yung isa," I followed up, but I somehow feel pretty weird about it, as if talking every afternoon to Samantha isn't already.

"I'm sure it's appreciated," I continued, "but I feel that I'm talking to the wrong people." Samantha only laughed.

Think about it, though. I'm nineteen years old, an early college graduate who's already working. I've been through a bit more than the average whoever, and I think far too much than the average blogger, so I end up speculating on things that haven't happened yet, and perhaps overreacting to those that already have. And, as much as my complicated metaphors end up making my readers lose their minds - as if I have readers to speak of - I end up making some understand. And they're not the people I thought of.

Perhaps times have really changed. I'm a slightly conservative member of my generation; I still see my youngest brother as someone who needs guidance, although he obviously has more of a social life than me. I'm not saying these kids shouldn't be blogging, but for some reason it all feels a bit iffy. My brother's generation, already worried about whoever they're kissing, or backstabbing, or dazed about?

It's just my cynical streak, I guess. Or me feeling very weird about keeping up with so many young people. Ella's been calling me "kuya Niko" and I'm still getting used to it, even if I'm the eldest of three. Sure, I can imagine her googly-eyed enthusiasm whenever she types it, and I'm supposed to have my heart melt, but perhaps I'm not exactly wise old man material?

And your responses...

hindi ko alam sasabihin ko :)) pero.. uh.. i don't know.. i know it's somewhat absurd but then i feel flattered? i mean, you mentioned me in your entry.. and then.. haha! :D basta.. and you may not be in agreement with this but you are shrewd enough for your age! :P okay ang haba ng comment ko.

Blogger N.8/31/2008     

i've blogged something similar sometime ago if you'd take a look at it (here and here).. i think *sorry, i mean no offense with this* kids their age should enjoy the pleasure of playing, yes, something i couldn't do anymore

Blogger jhie9/02/2008     

wee i got mentioned! haha! yes, i haven't written an entry for quite a while now..i was uhh busy? or ok fine, laziness struck me. :P

'kids' today are really growing up fast..it's unbelievable/ridiculous hearing stories about them. *sigh*

Anonymous Anonymous9/03/2008     

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